My trip to New York July 27, 2016

Wednesday, my Dad,  nurse Rosalinda and I flew to New York. I saw my grandparents.

Thursday we went to the mall, and omg Macy’s is huge! Then we went to Anne-Marie’s brother’s house which reminds me of a mansion. The house is three levels which was weird because the house was like a medieval castle. Then we went to this restaurant which was nice.
Friday, we went to the Cradle of Aviation museum and it was nice because I didn’t know that the first airplane they made is in Long Island near my grandparents. After that we found a carousel. It had Beatles songs and kids songs like London Bridge, Mary had a little lamb, etc.. It was neat. After that, we went to Gino’s our favorite pizza place.  It was so great.
Saturday was the baby shower for my nephew. It was raining a lot and there was a lot of traffic on the way to NYC. Alex and Eric’s apartment was so big. There, I hung out and was looking for my dad. Finally, a group of boys came out of the evelator and there was my dad. So happy! We didn’t stay for dinner, I was pooped out.
Sunday we visited funny Aunt Betty and we were surprised to see cousins Rich, Bob and Sue. We went to a diner before we saw Aunt Betty’s hotel. It was beautiful! For dinner we stayed home [and had Chinese food].

Today I flew home. I am so happy that I am home now!
Overall, my trip was awesome, because of the relaxing baby shower.
Next trip, I really really want to go to Hawaii or Jamaica because for a trip, it will be double swell!