Weekend of July 15, 2016

My weekend was so so amazing and exciting because I did so much. I had my last day of summer school, went to Camp Simcha, went horseback riding, saw the funny classic movie Zootopia, went to Legoland and to Rick and Lisa’s house for Aunt Laurie’s birthday.

On Friday, I had my last day of summer school, and boy was it hot. In the morning the kids shared their pictures and I shared what I did Thursday and they were impressed. After that, we saw the movie Frozen and it was:

A. bad
B. great
C. gross

The answer? B it was great because it was an awesome movie. Next, we went to the snack area for a bbq. What did we do?

A. We stayed until nighttime.
B. We went camping there.
C. We stayed for a little and then went to camp.

C is the answer because we went to camp. What happened there?

A. The theme was about saying sorry
B. The camp went to Disneyland
C. They didn’t do anything, just hang out.

It was A. The song I liked was “we need to light the candles, drink the wine, eat the challah, and have a very, very, very good time!”

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I didn’t like the saddle on Best Boy because:

A. There was no saddle.
B. It hurt my butt.

It was B. Painful, right? After that, my dad and I came home, I played my music, ate lunch, and started a old/new/funny/disney/movie called:

A. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
B. Sleeping beauty
C. Cinderella
D. Peter Pan
E. 101 Dalmations
F. Finding Dory/Nemo
G. Ratatoullie
H. Zootopia

It is H. Zootopia is about a police officer and one part was held in the DMV. What happened?

A. There was a sloth and he is fast. Hi hello how can I help you.
B. The sloth ignores Judy and starts eating ice cream.
C. The sloth is really slow. Hello…. how… can… I… help.. .you… …today?

The answer is C, got it?

Sunday, I went to Legoland with Elizabeth. We went on the Ninjago ride. It was so cool!! After Legoland, I went home and finished Zootopia before going to Rick and Lisa’s house for Aunt Laurie’s birthday. Grandma, Uncle Robert, Uncle Steven, dad, and I were there. We had a great time.

My favorite part of the weekend was the movie Zootopia because of the main menu screen. I thought it was creative. I didn’t have a least favorite. Overall, my weekend was wonderful because it was so relaxing! Next weekend I will go to New York City!!!! There I want to either go to a museum or a Broadway play. I also will attend Alex and Eric’s baby shower because it will be so nice!


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