Weekend of July 8, 2016

My weekend was amazing because I did so much.  I went to O.T. went horseback riding,had a friend over, went to the Safari Park  and had family dinner.

On Friday. I  had O.T. I made a tie dye shirt. Wow!

Saturday, I had horseback riding.  I had fun because I rode Hollywood. After that, my dad and i went home and then, I practiced my music. In the afternoon, my friend Jaydon came and we played piano and wii.

Sunday, Cece  and I went  to the Safari Park. We saw giraffes and a  baby rhino on the tram.  After that, my eyes were burning from the sunblock.


After that, I came home and I was looking down. Well, I was so tired that I ate at 330, not 3. When my guests came for Anne-Marie’s birthday, I  was crying. I was hurting so badly.  I was crying cats and dogs. Grandma comforted me.


My least favorite was when I was so so sad,but luckily I liked when I went to the Safari Park because it was a wonderful experience. Overall, I had the best weekend ever! Next weekend, I want to either go fishing or go on a tour of the airport so I am ready In 3 weeks  which I will use the airport to fly to New York with Rosalinda, my night nurse because I want to do some awesome things like these above.  


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