Weekend of July 1, 2016

My long weekend was tremendous. I went to Camp Simcha, horseback riding, I played the Wii, swam in my spa, went to Balboa Park, had a family dinner, went to Legoland, and rested.

On Friday, I went to Camp Simcha and it was amazing. Not only was I not afraid, but the kids were funny during the skits.

Saturday, I had a horseback riding lesson with Gretchen. After that, my dad and I came home and we did music, lunch, and then Wii Fit. It was fun. At around 4, Cece got me ready to go in my spa with my dad.

Sunday, I went to Balboa Park and it was fine because I heard 2 guitarists and then walked back to the Museum of National History for Ms. Frizzle.


It was about coyotes. It was so cool! Then some of the kids got a tour of one secret area. It was so cool! At night we had a family dinner because it was Lisa’s birthday.



Monday, I went to Legoland with my nurse, sweet Arlie. We went on Ninjago the ride, which is actually a game. It was so fantastic. At home, after dinner, I went straight to bed. In the night I heard strange noises from outside, boom boom fireworks. I missed it. At 9, I thought no, boom 10, boom 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I heard a noise like fireworks I thought it went from 9 to 5.

My favorite part of the weekend was when I went to Balboa Park because I had a good time. My least favorite part of the weekend was when I heard fireworks all night long, because I don’t like it. Overall, I had an ok 4th of July weekend. Next weekend, I want to either go to a club or a baseball game because it will be great!


One thought on “Weekend of July 1, 2016

  1. Rachel Parks says:

    Hi Casey! I know Craig loved having you at camp! I couldn’t go because that’s when Neshama naps :-(. I’m hoping to make it sometime this summer! I hope to see you there or horseback riding soon!
    xo- Rachel

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