Week of July 22, 2016

My week had been crazy but fun because it was so so hot! I went to LegoLand, the horse races, Jazz band, and Boomers.

Monday, I went to Boomers. We went on the teacups twice. WHAT HAPPENED?

A. It was broken so we went to a different ride,
B. It was not broken but we didn’t want to go on it.
C. it worked fine!

IT WAS F AND YES WE GOT SO SO SO DIZZY THAT WE ALMOST THREW UP. SO FUNNY! At night, I went to jazz band and it was so great because one kid there is named Dorothy like in Golden Girls or in the Wizard of Oz.

Tuesday, we went to Legoland and we went on the Ninjago ride, which was an awesome ride.. After that I saw the Lego girls and let me tell ya right now, I had a great time!

Lastly, Wednesday we went to the horse races in del Mar. I hated it so much. The grandstands were too high, the track was so big. Worst of all, I didn’t watch a race even. I was so worried about a race. We left right away and that was that. Whats even more horrible, I went to half of jazz band. Why?

A. Some of it went bad.
B. Mark said: so we are ended it half an hour early because I am having a date with my girlfriend.
C. My tummy hurt so bad.

It was C. It can’t be A because nothing went bad. It is not B because Mark doesn’t have a girlfriend [at least he shouldn’t if he wants to stay happily married]. But my tummy hurt always. But you have to dream on, meaning if something hurts, don’t think about it and move on.Think of something else, or take your mind off from it.

My favorite part of the week was Boomers and Legoland because it was so super! We know the least was the races because I already wrote above it. Overall, I had an ok week. Over the weekend, I horseback rode Best Boy, finally fixed the sound of my iPad, and went bowling. This Wednesday, we will fly to New York/NYC! There, the only thing planned is attending the baby shower! I also want to meet a new friend or go to a theme park there.


Weekend of July 15, 2016

My weekend was so so amazing and exciting because I did so much. I had my last day of summer school, went to Camp Simcha, went horseback riding, saw the funny classic movie Zootopia, went to Legoland and to Rick and Lisa’s house for Aunt Laurie’s birthday.

On Friday, I had my last day of summer school, and boy was it hot. In the morning the kids shared their pictures and I shared what I did Thursday and they were impressed. After that, we saw the movie Frozen and it was:

A. bad
B. great
C. gross

The answer? B it was great because it was an awesome movie. Next, we went to the snack area for a bbq. What did we do?

A. We stayed until nighttime.
B. We went camping there.
C. We stayed for a little and then went to camp.

C is the answer because we went to camp. What happened there?

A. The theme was about saying sorry
B. The camp went to Disneyland
C. They didn’t do anything, just hang out.

It was A. The song I liked was “we need to light the candles, drink the wine, eat the challah, and have a very, very, very good time!”

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I didn’t like the saddle on Best Boy because:

A. There was no saddle.
B. It hurt my butt.

It was B. Painful, right? After that, my dad and I came home, I played my music, ate lunch, and started a old/new/funny/disney/movie called:

A. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
B. Sleeping beauty
C. Cinderella
D. Peter Pan
E. 101 Dalmations
F. Finding Dory/Nemo
G. Ratatoullie
H. Zootopia

It is H. Zootopia is about a police officer and one part was held in the DMV. What happened?

A. There was a sloth and he is fast. Hi hello how can I help you.
B. The sloth ignores Judy and starts eating ice cream.
C. The sloth is really slow. Hello…. how… can… I… help.. .you… …today?

The answer is C, got it?

Sunday, I went to Legoland with Elizabeth. We went on the Ninjago ride. It was so cool!! After Legoland, I went home and finished Zootopia before going to Rick and Lisa’s house for Aunt Laurie’s birthday. Grandma, Uncle Robert, Uncle Steven, dad, and I were there. We had a great time.

My favorite part of the weekend was the movie Zootopia because of the main menu screen. I thought it was creative. I didn’t have a least favorite. Overall, my weekend was wonderful because it was so relaxing! Next weekend I will go to New York City!!!! There I want to either go to a museum or a Broadway play. I also will attend Alex and Eric’s baby shower because it will be so nice!


Weekend of July 8, 2016

My weekend was amazing because I did so much.  I went to O.T. went horseback riding,had a friend over, went to the Safari Park  and had family dinner.

On Friday. I  had O.T. I made a tie dye shirt. Wow!

Saturday, I had horseback riding.  I had fun because I rode Hollywood. After that, my dad and i went home and then, I practiced my music. In the afternoon, my friend Jaydon came and we played piano and wii.

Sunday, Cece  and I went  to the Safari Park. We saw giraffes and a  baby rhino on the tram.  After that, my eyes were burning from the sunblock.


After that, I came home and I was looking down. Well, I was so tired that I ate at 330, not 3. When my guests came for Anne-Marie’s birthday, I  was crying. I was hurting so badly.  I was crying cats and dogs. Grandma comforted me.


My least favorite was when I was so so sad,but luckily I liked when I went to the Safari Park because it was a wonderful experience. Overall, I had the best weekend ever! Next weekend, I want to either go fishing or go on a tour of the airport so I am ready In 3 weeks  which I will use the airport to fly to New York with Rosalinda, my night nurse because I want to do some awesome things like these above.  


Weekend of July 1, 2016

My long weekend was tremendous. I went to Camp Simcha, horseback riding, I played the Wii, swam in my spa, went to Balboa Park, had a family dinner, went to Legoland, and rested.

On Friday, I went to Camp Simcha and it was amazing. Not only was I not afraid, but the kids were funny during the skits.

Saturday, I had a horseback riding lesson with Gretchen. After that, my dad and I came home and we did music, lunch, and then Wii Fit. It was fun. At around 4, Cece got me ready to go in my spa with my dad.

Sunday, I went to Balboa Park and it was fine because I heard 2 guitarists and then walked back to the Museum of National History for Ms. Frizzle.


It was about coyotes. It was so cool! Then some of the kids got a tour of one secret area. It was so cool! At night we had a family dinner because it was Lisa’s birthday.



Monday, I went to Legoland with my nurse, sweet Arlie. We went on Ninjago the ride, which is actually a game. It was so fantastic. At home, after dinner, I went straight to bed. In the night I heard strange noises from outside, boom boom fireworks. I missed it. At 9, I thought no, boom 10, boom 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I heard a noise like fireworks I thought it went from 9 to 5.

My favorite part of the weekend was when I went to Balboa Park because I had a good time. My least favorite part of the weekend was when I heard fireworks all night long, because I don’t like it. Overall, I had an ok 4th of July weekend. Next weekend, I want to either go to a club or a baseball game because it will be great!


Weekend of June 24, 2016

My weekend was awesome because I was busy. I rested, had a friend over, went horseback riding, had a car wash, walked around the Del Mar Mall, and swam in my spa.

On Saturday, Helen Woodward Center called early morning because they cancelled riding lessons. There were not enough volunteers. I rested at home. Also, my friend, Natalie came over and that was nice. She is the same age as me, 20. We had fun hanging out.P1030726

After Natalie went home, my dad and I started a new/old movie called Tales from Earthsea. It’s a Japanese cartoon and I was so bored that I fell asleep.

Sunday, I went horseback riding on Best Boy.


After that, Cece my nurse and I went to Chevron because we bought gas, and then had a car wash. I got out of the car for the wash. After the wash, we hung out for lunch at the Del Mar Mall. We went to the area next to Ralphs. After that, I came home early because I got ready to go in my spa. I liked it!


My favorite part of the weekend was the spa because it was so calming. Overall, my weekend was so nice. Next weekend will be a long weekend because it’s July 4th. I want to go see fireworks from the fair or Seaworld.