Weekend of June 17, 2016

My weekend was swell, because I did so much! I went to O.T., horseback riding, the Oceanside pier, and had a family dinner.

Friday, I went to O.T. It was fun because I did 2 puzzles. It was a horse and a cow puzzle.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on a new horse because Scout died. Oh no! I rode Best boy instead of Scout. At home, I practiced piano and drums.

Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to the Amtrak station because we went to Oceanside pier. There I rode on a beach vehicle like a stroller  and I got close to the water. After that we ate at Ruby’s. We had fun.


At home, Ellinora came over. I was jealous because my dad held Ellinora. I didn’t want him to hold her. I was shy with her.


We had family dinner with grandma, Uncle Steven, Uncle Robert, and Aunt Laurie. I had a great time because I was with my family.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Oceanside pier because it was just perfect! My least favorite was nothing because it’s awesome! Overall my weekend was super. Next weekend, I want to go watch Finding Dory because it will be so funny!


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