Special: My Trip to the San Diego County Fair

On Thursday, I went to the San Diego Fair. When we were going through the entrance, I was nervous because I didn’t want to go in, but after I got my anxiety medicine, I was ok.  I saw this dude on a bicycle. It was so cool because this other dude had musical instruments on his vehicle.   

The theme was Mad about the Fair based on Alice in Wonderland.


After looking through the exhibit on Alice and the Mad Hatter, Linda my old aide,showed up. We were going to the rides area but the sign by the rides said the tickets open at 12 pm. I thought, what!  While we waited, we listened to this singer who was awesome! After that, I went on the ride Crazy Mouse. It was crazy because you think ok a roller coaster, la da dum ok nice fun, but halfway through it spins woah woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  We were so dizzzyyy! Woooooo “this is fun!” I thought as the ride stopped.


We decided to go to the merry go round after that. I also bought some earrings. We didn’t go to the animals area because it annoyed me so much. Then we said goodbye to Linda. Arlie was with me. With the garden area, and the music we heard, we had a great time.      

My favorite part of the fair was Crazy Mouse as you will see in the video.  

My least favorite was when I  was in the art area because I didn’t like that area. You know the area that has the art on the way to the grandstand?  Well I think that area doesn’t have the right art for the theme because the theme is mad.

Now why can’t a theme be mad?

  1. Maybe because the fair has been around for a long time and some people are mad.
  2. It is about the Mad Hatter.
  3. Or maybe some people KNOW that the fair is a tradition but they don’t want to go.  

It is #2, because mad themed fair + mad hatter person = mad hatter at the mad-themed fair.   

Overall, it was the best experience. During the summer, I want to hang out at the beach or Hawaii because summertime, here it comes!


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