Weekend of June 10, 2016

My weekend was great because I did so much. I went to Boomers, O,T., horseback riding, Skyler’s mom’s house, watched my cousin Alison’s graduation at home online, watched the horse race, went to the Natural History Museum, and started the new movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens.
Friday, after my last half day of school, we went to Boomers. The Go Carts that we went on were too small because I hardly got out. It was a disaster but I had fun.


After that, I went to O.T. I got a paper that said I need to record my home program so I can get a medal like in the Olympics!
Saturday, I went horseback riding. After that, my dad and I went to Skyler’s mom’s house. We had fun talking about the fair. Her house was nice because it was huge.
After lunch at home, we watched Alison’s graduation [Ph.D. in education!] live on my dad’s computer. It was awesome but it took a while before her department was called.  Finally, it was called. She was first in line.

P1030716 - Version 2
After that we watched the [Belmont Stakes] horse race. Exaggerator was the horse we wanted to win, but it didn’t win.
Sunday, I went to the Museum of Natural History with Cece. We took time to walk around [Balboa Park]. We followed dogs from a club to the area where the trolley is because they wanted a chance for people to go meet and greet the dogs. Then we walked back to the museum. Ms. Frizzle’s show was about mountains.

When we got home, we started a new movie called Star Wars The Force Awakens. There is also a new robot which I really liked because he was so funny.
My favorite part of the weekend was the museum because it was so cool! My least favorite was nothing because a good time was had by all. Overall, I had the most exciting weekend ever! Next weekend I want to take a ballet class or a tap class because it will be so so amazing!


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