Weekend of June 3, 2016

My weekend was like as easy as pie because it was a simple weekend. I went to O.T., went horseback riding, voted, saw a movie, and went to the last Shooting Stars event. I also practiced my drums for my BIG  jazz band concert Monday.

Friday, I went to Occupational Therapy. It was great, because I folded towels, and pillowcases. The secret is to hold what you are folding on the end side like this see,  and fold it like a pancake except then you instead fold the end so it is like wrapping a gift.


Saturday, I rode Scout. It was cool because we had fun playing the game, Red light, Green light. After riding, we voted for Hillary at home  because Tuesday is the deadline for the election.


After music, omg, we saw a new movie called the Good Dinosaur. I started to like it, because it was funny, but then I cried so hard that I thought I was saying “oh god, this movie is not fun anymore.” I didn’t like the movie then.   Then Alison came to say goodbye because she will go to New York, and she won’t come back until December.  

Sunday, I went to the last Shooting Stars  event with Arlie. I saw some very cool people like Adriana, Jessy, and others. First, we did music. It was awesome because I liked playing the tambourine! Then we danced like a maniac because it was the last day.

Shooting Stars 6-6-16

After that, I practiced my drums because once again, I will have an awesome concert. My dad will be there and we will perform some old warhorses.  

My favorite part of the weekend was Shooting Stars because it had everything but the kitchen sink. My least favorite was the movie because it was too embarrassing to watch. Overall, my weekend was so amazing that it knocked my socks off! Next weekend, I want to go to a ball like what Cinderella went to, or a Luau, like what Hawaiians like to have when they are hula dancing. I want to do one of these things  because it will be great!


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