Long Weekend of May 27, 2016

My weekend was great because I had so many family members who came to celebrate my sweet Grandma’s 90th birthday and Grandpa’s 95th.


Friday night, my grandma and grandpa, my niece Ellinora, Uncle Ron, Aunt Julie, David Harrison, and others came over. It started the weekend celebration, resting and hangout-with-my-family time.

Saturday and Sunday, however, more people came but on Saturday, in the evening, little cousin Alison came. It was great because I saw so many people all at the same time. I was hanging out with so many people. It was fun. I visited my grandparents in a resort named the Doubletree Hotel. I had a party in my house. I talked and ate a lot!

P1030688Sunday, there was a celebration because it was for my Grandma. She loved the celebration because she was with her friends and family. There was a toast by my dad which was nice because I helped host it. There was also a tent outside because other people wanted to eat outdoors. I had a great time because I was with my families that came from New York, Seattle, and other places.


Monday was Memorial Day. Arlie, my Dad, and I went to Old Town. My grandparents who are my Dad’s parents, and my cousin David, Uncle Ron, and Aunt Julie wanted to go there.   First we ate at Casa de Reyes. I really liked the restaurant because it was outdoors. The best thing I liked was the music. After we ate, we watched live music of the mariachi. Then we walked and enjoyed the scenery. At night, we went to a restaurant in Del Mar Plaza to celebrate my Grandpa Murray’s 95th birthday. I was so tired at the restaurant.



My favorite part of the weekend was the celebration because it was so nice. My least favorite part well was nothing because it went awesome! Overall, my weekend was superb because it went like a million times faster than I wanted it to be. Next weekend, I want to either go see Finding Dory or go work as a waitress. I want to do one of these things because it will be the best weekend ever!


2 thoughts on “Long Weekend of May 27, 2016

  1. Linda O'Connor says:

    Casey you party more then me😊
    What a great week end for you. Keep up the good work, I love following you.

    Big hug from Linda

  2. Uncle Ron, Aunit Julie and Cousin David says:

    You’re right Casey — it was an awesome weekend and we were so happy to share in the celebrations with you and all the family.
    Uncle Ron, Aunt Julie and Cousin David

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