Weekend of June 17, 2016

My weekend was swell, because I did so much! I went to O.T., horseback riding, the Oceanside pier, and had a family dinner.

Friday, I went to O.T. It was fun because I did 2 puzzles. It was a horse and a cow puzzle.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on a new horse because Scout died. Oh no! I rode Best boy instead of Scout. At home, I practiced piano and drums.

Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to the Amtrak station because we went to Oceanside pier. There I rode on a beach vehicle like a stroller  and I got close to the water. After that we ate at Ruby’s. We had fun.


At home, Ellinora came over. I was jealous because my dad held Ellinora. I didn’t want him to hold her. I was shy with her.


We had family dinner with grandma, Uncle Steven, Uncle Robert, and Aunt Laurie. I had a great time because I was with my family.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Oceanside pier because it was just perfect! My least favorite was nothing because it’s awesome! Overall my weekend was super. Next weekend, I want to go watch Finding Dory because it will be so funny!


Special: My Trip to the San Diego County Fair

On Thursday, I went to the San Diego Fair. When we were going through the entrance, I was nervous because I didn’t want to go in, but after I got my anxiety medicine, I was ok.  I saw this dude on a bicycle. It was so cool because this other dude had musical instruments on his vehicle.   

The theme was Mad about the Fair based on Alice in Wonderland.


After looking through the exhibit on Alice and the Mad Hatter, Linda my old aide,showed up. We were going to the rides area but the sign by the rides said the tickets open at 12 pm. I thought, what!  While we waited, we listened to this singer who was awesome! After that, I went on the ride Crazy Mouse. It was crazy because you think ok a roller coaster, la da dum ok nice fun, but halfway through it spins woah woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  We were so dizzzyyy! Woooooo “this is fun!” I thought as the ride stopped.


We decided to go to the merry go round after that. I also bought some earrings. We didn’t go to the animals area because it annoyed me so much. Then we said goodbye to Linda. Arlie was with me. With the garden area, and the music we heard, we had a great time.      

My favorite part of the fair was Crazy Mouse as you will see in the video.  

My least favorite was when I  was in the art area because I didn’t like that area. You know the area that has the art on the way to the grandstand?  Well I think that area doesn’t have the right art for the theme because the theme is mad.

Now why can’t a theme be mad?

  1. Maybe because the fair has been around for a long time and some people are mad.
  2. It is about the Mad Hatter.
  3. Or maybe some people KNOW that the fair is a tradition but they don’t want to go.  

It is #2, because mad themed fair + mad hatter person = mad hatter at the mad-themed fair.   

Overall, it was the best experience. During the summer, I want to hang out at the beach or Hawaii because summertime, here it comes!


Weekend of June 10, 2016

My weekend was great because I did so much. I went to Boomers, O,T., horseback riding, Skyler’s mom’s house, watched my cousin Alison’s graduation at home online, watched the horse race, went to the Natural History Museum, and started the new movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens.
Friday, after my last half day of school, we went to Boomers. The Go Carts that we went on were too small because I hardly got out. It was a disaster but I had fun.


After that, I went to O.T. I got a paper that said I need to record my home program so I can get a medal like in the Olympics!
Saturday, I went horseback riding. After that, my dad and I went to Skyler’s mom’s house. We had fun talking about the fair. Her house was nice because it was huge.
After lunch at home, we watched Alison’s graduation [Ph.D. in education!] live on my dad’s computer. It was awesome but it took a while before her department was called.  Finally, it was called. She was first in line.

P1030716 - Version 2
After that we watched the [Belmont Stakes] horse race. Exaggerator was the horse we wanted to win, but it didn’t win.
Sunday, I went to the Museum of Natural History with Cece. We took time to walk around [Balboa Park]. We followed dogs from a club to the area where the trolley is because they wanted a chance for people to go meet and greet the dogs. Then we walked back to the museum. Ms. Frizzle’s show was about mountains.

When we got home, we started a new movie called Star Wars The Force Awakens. There is also a new robot which I really liked because he was so funny.
My favorite part of the weekend was the museum because it was so cool! My least favorite was nothing because a good time was had by all. Overall, I had the most exciting weekend ever! Next weekend I want to take a ballet class or a tap class because it will be so so amazing!


Jazz band concert June 6, 2016

The Notre Dame band went first and the kids were so cute. While the kids performed the Olympic fanfare, I  was looking for Lucas. Where was my crush?  Maybe he was stuck in traffic, or sick. Nope. A few seconds later, duets were over and Lucas showed up finally.  Guess what? When we got our turn to perform, I couldn’t see the conductor because the trumpets were blocking me like a shadow. I was the only drummer, so I was biting my nails before we left the house. I was like a scared cat. When my band started I was perfect!
I liked the song In Walked Bud because it was like hiking. We also played Mood Indigo, which reminds me of the beach and the fishes underwater. The next song was Blue Train, which reminded me of how I learned to spell train. The Blues Walk reminded me of having girls night hanging out, and Night Train reminded me of a fair.

Also, I want to dedicate my concert to my last week of school because then it will be twice more than great. 

 In conclusion, my jazz band concert was so awesome but the fact that you can’t see me in the video annoys me because the setup Mark did, I didn’t like because for one I couldn’t see Lucas, and that I can also see my Dad and his Thumbs up mood. If you want to know where I am, I am in the back, saxes in the front, next the trumpets in the middle, and me, all alone in the back having a GREAT TIME, HELLO!  When I met Mark,at the end, I said good concert.


Here is the link to the video:


Weekend of June 3, 2016

My weekend was like as easy as pie because it was a simple weekend. I went to O.T., went horseback riding, voted, saw a movie, and went to the last Shooting Stars event. I also practiced my drums for my BIG  jazz band concert Monday.

Friday, I went to Occupational Therapy. It was great, because I folded towels, and pillowcases. The secret is to hold what you are folding on the end side like this see,  and fold it like a pancake except then you instead fold the end so it is like wrapping a gift.


Saturday, I rode Scout. It was cool because we had fun playing the game, Red light, Green light. After riding, we voted for Hillary at home  because Tuesday is the deadline for the election.


After music, omg, we saw a new movie called the Good Dinosaur. I started to like it, because it was funny, but then I cried so hard that I thought I was saying “oh god, this movie is not fun anymore.” I didn’t like the movie then.   Then Alison came to say goodbye because she will go to New York, and she won’t come back until December.  

Sunday, I went to the last Shooting Stars  event with Arlie. I saw some very cool people like Adriana, Jessy, and others. First, we did music. It was awesome because I liked playing the tambourine! Then we danced like a maniac because it was the last day.

Shooting Stars 6-6-16

After that, I practiced my drums because once again, I will have an awesome concert. My dad will be there and we will perform some old warhorses.  

My favorite part of the weekend was Shooting Stars because it had everything but the kitchen sink. My least favorite was the movie because it was too embarrassing to watch. Overall, my weekend was so amazing that it knocked my socks off! Next weekend, I want to go to a ball like what Cinderella went to, or a Luau, like what Hawaiians like to have when they are hula dancing. I want to do one of these things  because it will be great!


Long Weekend of May 27, 2016

My weekend was great because I had so many family members who came to celebrate my sweet Grandma’s 90th birthday and Grandpa’s 95th.


Friday night, my grandma and grandpa, my niece Ellinora, Uncle Ron, Aunt Julie, David Harrison, and others came over. It started the weekend celebration, resting and hangout-with-my-family time.

Saturday and Sunday, however, more people came but on Saturday, in the evening, little cousin Alison came. It was great because I saw so many people all at the same time. I was hanging out with so many people. It was fun. I visited my grandparents in a resort named the Doubletree Hotel. I had a party in my house. I talked and ate a lot!

P1030688Sunday, there was a celebration because it was for my Grandma. She loved the celebration because she was with her friends and family. There was a toast by my dad which was nice because I helped host it. There was also a tent outside because other people wanted to eat outdoors. I had a great time because I was with my families that came from New York, Seattle, and other places.


Monday was Memorial Day. Arlie, my Dad, and I went to Old Town. My grandparents who are my Dad’s parents, and my cousin David, Uncle Ron, and Aunt Julie wanted to go there.   First we ate at Casa de Reyes. I really liked the restaurant because it was outdoors. The best thing I liked was the music. After we ate, we watched live music of the mariachi. Then we walked and enjoyed the scenery. At night, we went to a restaurant in Del Mar Plaza to celebrate my Grandpa Murray’s 95th birthday. I was so tired at the restaurant.



My favorite part of the weekend was the celebration because it was so nice. My least favorite part well was nothing because it went awesome! Overall, my weekend was superb because it went like a million times faster than I wanted it to be. Next weekend, I want to either go see Finding Dory or go work as a waitress. I want to do one of these things because it will be the best weekend ever!