Weekend of May 20, 2016

My weekend was swell because I did so much! I went to Tony Jacal’s restaurant, went to a fun park, had O.T., rested at home, and had my gig.

Friday, our class went to Tony Jacal’s restaurant for lunch. It was so cool because they had Mexican food. Also the table was so wonderful because it looked like a flower called Plumeria. After that, I went to the park. I did so great because I did one and a half laps. Then I had O.T. It was great because we built things.

Saturday I rested because my Dad and I coughed and we didn’t feel well.

Sunday, I went to my gig for the jazz band called The Commotion at Music Box, a place in Little Italy. It was so fancy like a hotel or a bar because not only people could watch the concert from the first floor but people could watch it from the second floor or the third floor, which was an easier view because I can’t imagine a place with people watching something from 3 floors. Isn’t that weird?


I played great because I practiced a lot. Lucas, my piano crush, was so so good because he was jamming! Well, he is my crush because I like him. He is so cool playing piano! My Dad, Grandma, Elizabeth my nurse, and Aunt Laurie came. It was so cool because they all liked it.


Here is a link to some of the highlights of the best performance ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_71fLY0OSM4

My favorite part of the weekend was the gig because we played 3 awesome songs, Estancia, Street Beat, and Back Burner. Being sick was my least favorite part because it was not wonderful. Overall my weekend was great because I did so much! Next weekend is my grandma’s birthday celebration! I also really want to go swimming or go on a hike because omg, it will be so so cool!


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