Weekend of May 6, 2016

My weekend was so fantastic! I had O.T., a barn lesson, baseball, and went to a plant store, LEGOLAND, and SOUPLANTATION.

On Friday, I had O.T. I practiced wiping things off my arms. I also use pinchers to pick up things.

Saturday, because it rained Friday I had a fun barn lesson. I learned new horse parts like the crest which is at the horse’s front leg. After that, I brushed and fed Best Boy. Aw!


Then my Dad drove me all the way down to Coronado, for my baseball game. I got a home run!!!!


In the afternoon, my dad, grandma, uncle, and I, went to this plant nursery in Rancho Penasquitos. Evergreen nursery was the name. Grandma needed a peach tree and an orange tree.

Sunday, I went to LEGOLAND and I went on the new ride Ninjago 3D. We pretended to be the good guys defeating the bad guys. It’s like either the Indiana Jones ride at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, or that other ride at LEGOLAND, next to Project X, called the Lost Adventure.

When we were done, I spent my Mother’s Day dinner at SOUPLANTATION. I love that place because it has salads, soups, waffles, pizzas, and the popular dessert, ice cream, yum!

My favorite part of the weekend was SOUPLANTATION because it’s my favorite restaurant. My least favorite was nothing. Next weekend is the Friendship Walk. Next next weekend is the Commotion. It’s my gig for jazz band. Then the following weekend Is my grandma’s (90th) birthday celebration!!!!!!


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