Weekend of April 29, 2016

My weekend was fantastic. I had O.T., went to the orchestra rehearsal, went horseback riding, had baseball, met a new friend, and I went to the Natural History Museum.

Friday, I had O.T. I practiced tying perfectly and then I had my nails done at O.T, like a spa. A spa? Ha ha ha ha ha! After that we went home, and got ready to go to UCSD to hear the La Jolla Symphony practice. This violist played Bartok Viola concerto. One part of the concerto sounded like herds of horses laughing.

Saturday, I horseback rode Scout. He was so nice! Then, we played baseball. I did excellent! Then around 2 pm, a new friend came and her name was Jessy. She was so nice. She was not drab. She liked dance.


Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and Ms. Frizzle was about butterflies. It was awesome!

My favorite part of the weekend was Ms. Frizzle because she is so cool! I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was so fabulous. Next weekend, I want to go to LEGOLAND or the moon because it is basically really cool!


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