Weekend of April 22, 2016

My weekend was so splendid! I had a Seder, went horseback riding, had a baseball game, and went to the Safari Park.

When I got home Friday, I took a bath because I got ready for the Seder dinner. Matthew, Anne-Marie, Astrid, Ellinora, my grandma, Alison, Trevor, my 2 uncles, Rick, Lisa, Julie, and Bob came over to my house. My Dad was leading the Seder. A Seder is when a person reads from the Haggadah. We tell the story of Exodus and it’s 3,500 years old. There were 2 funny parts of the event. First of all, the Afikomen, the hidden Mazah, was under my keyboard and my dad picked that spot [Matthew found it].


What was also funny was when after singing happy birthday to Matthew, I fell asleep on the dinner table.


Saturday, I went horseback riding and then at 1 pm I had baseball. I played well. After that I watched the Peanuts movie. I liked it.

Sunday I went to the Safari Park with Cece.


I saw 2 tigers and it was neat to see a cub. One was walking around and around the enclosure so many times that it made me dizzy.


Another tiger was sleeping on top of a box. To get the tigers to sleep there was a harp playing on the speaker just like in the first Harry Potter movie with the three headed dog.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Safari Park. My least favorite part was when I fell asleep during Passover. Zzzz. Overall my weekend was so exciting. Next weekend is May so I want to get a Mother’s Day gift for my grandma or go see Ms. Frizzle about butterflies because soon May will be here!


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