Weekend of April 1, 2016

My weekend was so superb! It was filled with remarkable things like having a picnic at the park, going to O.T, going horseback riding, and playing/watching baseball. I also went to the Natural History Museum, and I saw and held my niece, Ellinora.

On Friday, it was April Fool’s Day so I said to my tutor, “My Dad has a new job and I am moving away, so this is my last session.” She said, “Your dad didn’t email me about it.” I then said, “April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Isn’t that so funny? Hahahahahahahaha ha hah hah haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Outing after speech was at a park for a picnic but I lost my hat. We were going to buy cupcakes at Sprouts and all of a sudden my hat fell off my head. It was a green cute hat. Oh no… did anybody see a green hat like a safari hat? I thought that I did had it in the bakery section. Maybe a lady stole it. After all that hustle at the park, we went to OT. There was so much traffic going to CCS. My therapist’s name was Ieecha. I practiced making a bow and then I practiced wiping off peanut butter from my arms. It was Arlie’s birthday last Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, I went horseback riding. Then my Dad and I drove to baseball early because we saw the Storm and the Yankees play. The Yankees is Elizabeth’s team, and the Storm is Bernie’s team. After they played, it was my turn to play and again my Dad was the pitcher for our team. I did awesome! I got a home run at the bottom of the second inning.


Afterward we stayed and watched Skyler’s game. He was called the home run man, because he always gets a home run. The other teammates didn’t come because there was so much traffic due to the car show at the Fairgrounds.


Sunday, Cece came and we went to the Natural History Museum and we saw the new film Reborn Reef. It was about this couple living on an island off of Hawaii and Newport Beach. This diver was trying to show lots of fish that were beautiful. One day in the movie, a new reef was born. It’s interesting to watch.

Later, I watched Ms. Frizzle. It was about the desert and how we can protect it. Doesn’t that sounds fun? Well, some of it was fun, and others were not. The cactus has thorns, it’s sharp. I wanted to touch it on the table. Ms. Frizzle said you can’t. Plus, I was thinking if this show is number six, I may get a prize. My helper said, sorry its 5 so one more before you get a prize. I was like what about my prize? She was saying I am not telling you again, if I have to tell you one more time… She didn’t say anything back. I thought how rude. Luckily, I bought a Ms. Frizzle book.

Around 5 pm Elinora came and I held her. She is 3 months old. So cute aww!!!!!!!!


My favorite part of the weekend was seeing the cute baby because she was so darling.


My least favorite part was nothing because it was a wonderful weekend. Overall, my weekend was so lovely. Today starts my Spring break. I want to go to the Safari Park, Balboa Park, Legoland, and UTC because it will be fabulous!


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