Weekend of March 25, 2016

My weekend was awesome! I went to Dixieline and Sprouts, and I danced on Wii with Vanessa. I helped picked out a cake, I went horseback riding, I went to UTC to see Zootopia the movie, and I went to a Purim carnival.

On Friday, I went to compare flowers at Dixieline and Spouts. One type of flower, Blumemarita, was $2.99 at Dixieline, but at Spouts they didn’t have any of the same kind. After that around 2 pm, Olivia and her friends showed up because they had a Wii dance party and it was so much fun! Heck yeah! A group of kids danced. Elizabeth, my friend, danced like it’s the 70s or the 80s. It is when people wore skirts and they listened to oldies like YMCA by the Village people. After ATP, Arlie and I drove to the Del Mar Highlands Mall to Ralphs, because I helped her pick out a cake for Joe and Katelyn. Oh my gosh, I loved it because it looked delicious.

On Saturday, Cece came over. After I went horseback riding, her sister wanted to buy something for her skin tanning, and she needed lotion for her tan; she wanted to be dark for the beach. We went to UTC, to the area where there was an AT&T shop and we waited for her sister Toni. She looked good. After talking to her, Cece and I were headed to Arclight because we watched Zootopia. It was about a bunny who wanted to look for her fox family and the rat was trying to believe that he will take control. There was a snail who was trying to be a robot during one part of the movie. This girl, Judy, was trying to rescue the skunk from danger. When the movie ended, we were out of the theater, [listened to some music,] and went home.


Sunday, Elizabeth was late and Rosalinda was upset. When I woke up I remembered two things. First, my dad will be home tonight and second, I had a Purim carnival. I was wondering if the carnival had an Easter egg hunt. Too bad they didn’t have one. The good thing was before we went to the car; I watched a special Max and Ruby Easter show on TV. During the Easter egg hunt that the bunny scouts and Max had, Ruby found all the eggs, but Max was always hiding the found eggs under the picnic table. The carnival was at the JCC. When we got there, there was a puppet show and I played a game where you find 5 pieces of Jewish stars and I found 3.


There was also a small band with a Klezmer (a lady playing a fancy Jewish clarinet from Europe), and she was amazing. The carnival ended up fun because it turned out it was all outdoors like I thought. I also thought thanks for a beautiful day.

My favorite part of the weekend was the carnival because it was so much fun! My least favorite part was nothing because it was a great weekend. Overall, my weekend was awesome because it was wonderful. Next weekend I want to either go to a Passover party, learn to ski, bomb a jellyfish, or learn a new joke. I want to do one of these things because I will be a mess doing all these things.


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