Weekend of April 15, 2016

My weekend was so hilarious.   I went to an organization for girls including teens called Shooting Stars. I attended the Shir Energy Music Festival.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and then I went to this restaurant for lunch called the Fish shop in Encinitas with Ellinora, Matthew, Anne-Marie, Astrid, and my dad. Ellinora was so cute!


At 2 pm my dad and I played hide and go seek to practice finding the Afikomin for Passover.

Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars (a girl’s group like girl scouts) and it was fun because we danced a lot. I also laced beads to hang somewhere in my house. Then around one thirty five, my Dad and I drove to the Music Festival. The festival was so much fun because my friend, Craig Parks, was amazingly silly during his show. For example, there was a song he did called Am Israel Chai, where the audience shouts “chai” during the song.  Craig always said “wow” and we said go faster, chai! chai! There was a string quartet and a jazz quintet. We got home at about 8pm. It was late for me. The next morning, I felt so tired!

My favorite part of the weekend was the festival because Craig was the funniest guy in town! My least favorite part was when I was so tired because it was too late on Sunday. This Friday is Passover and it is also Matthew’s birthday. I am having a special meal called a Seder. This Seder will be with just my family and we will tell the story about how the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt and then they became free people.


Weekend of April 8, 2016

My weekend was marvelous! I went horseback riding, had baseball, had a friend over, and went to a Passover Seder.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding. I did great! Then, my Dad and I picked up Aunt Laurie because we were headed to baseball. I also did great! I got a home run. My buddy was Ellie.


Sunday, I was with Elizabeth and I read the article in the newspaper about Manny Pacquino winning boxing Saturday night. At 10:00 am, my friend Jaydon came and we had fun. We played piano and then Mario Party 8 on the Wii. Around one thirty pm, Elizabeth and I were headed to Chabad in Poway because there was a Passover celebration with a youth Seder. One part of it was music, and there was this song we learned in Hebrew sign language. Let me teach it to you if you want later. It’s Shalom Habehet. Then it was time for the Seder and there was this hagadah that I can show you in a minute. It was so funny.


My favorite part of the weekend was the Seder because it was so cool! I didn’t have a least favorite part, since it was so nice! Overall, my weekend was remarkable! Next weekend, I want to go on a walk to a beach, or maybe hangout at home. I want to do one of these things because it will be relaxing!


Spring Break Week of April 4, 2016

My spring break was astonishing! I went to Zumba, did shopping at Burlington, went to the Safari Park, Bonnie, Boomers, watched the 3D movie Zootopia using closed captioning with Arlie, went to O.T. and Seaport Village.

Monday, I went to Zumba and omg, there were so many people there. I had a great time dancing with the music.


After that, we drove to Burlington to buy new cute clothes. I really enjoyed trying new clothes. The warehouse was huge!

Tuesday, I went to the Safari Park. Arlie and I checked in and got a map. We planned to go to the tram. I walked with my walker, and guess what? We knew a shortcut going to the elephants and the tram. While we were in the tram, we saw so many giraffes, antelopes, wallabies, zebras, and many more. Then, we went to Butterfly Jungle. There were so many butterflies; small, cute, colorful, big, etc. It was an amazing experience. Also, there was a talking zebra show. I liked how he moved and was being so funny. Robert was his name. Our final destination was the tiger trail. It was beautiful, like a jungle with bamboo trees and waterfalls. We saw 2 tigers. One was sleeping way on the bottom of the enclosure and the other was roaming around in its habitat. It was so cool!


Wednesday, we went to Bonnie, and then we drove to Boomers. While we were riding on the go carts, before the final rounds, someone bumped another go cart behind us. It was bad because now they violated the rules. I thought, oh no now what? They ended up ok at least.

Thursday, it rained, I thought ah! I had an idea. Since Arlie hasn’t seen the movie Zootopia before let’s watch it. It was in Mira Mesa at the Edwards Cinema Theater. It was so funny! I was wrong about the story. It was about a bunny police officer and her friend the fox. I liked the part when they were in the DMV. The sloth was talking in slow motion when they needed the information right away. The lessons I learned were stick to a friend and never give up.

Today, it rained again. This time, we had an appointment with Ieecha, my O.T. I practiced my lace tying, etc. Then, we headed to Seaport Village. It was raining a tiny bit. When it stopped, we rode the not so busy carousel and strolled around the port. So beautiful like Hawaii!!! No music. I thought, well it’s the rain, bummer! There was a cute and tall nutcracker statue that played the same Christmas music I have on my carousel in my room.

My favorite part of the break was Zootopia because Arlie loved it, and that my Dad was home for the week. My least favorite was nothing because it was all great! Overall, even though I slept in a little, my break was the best one ever! This weekend I want to either watch the King and I, Harry Potter, Zootopia, or boxing. I want to do one of these things because it will be exciting!


Weekend of April 1, 2016

My weekend was so superb! It was filled with remarkable things like having a picnic at the park, going to O.T, going horseback riding, and playing/watching baseball. I also went to the Natural History Museum, and I saw and held my niece, Ellinora.

On Friday, it was April Fool’s Day so I said to my tutor, “My Dad has a new job and I am moving away, so this is my last session.” She said, “Your dad didn’t email me about it.” I then said, “April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Isn’t that so funny? Hahahahahahahaha ha hah hah haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Outing after speech was at a park for a picnic but I lost my hat. We were going to buy cupcakes at Sprouts and all of a sudden my hat fell off my head. It was a green cute hat. Oh no… did anybody see a green hat like a safari hat? I thought that I did had it in the bakery section. Maybe a lady stole it. After all that hustle at the park, we went to OT. There was so much traffic going to CCS. My therapist’s name was Ieecha. I practiced making a bow and then I practiced wiping off peanut butter from my arms. It was Arlie’s birthday last Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, I went horseback riding. Then my Dad and I drove to baseball early because we saw the Storm and the Yankees play. The Yankees is Elizabeth’s team, and the Storm is Bernie’s team. After they played, it was my turn to play and again my Dad was the pitcher for our team. I did awesome! I got a home run at the bottom of the second inning.


Afterward we stayed and watched Skyler’s game. He was called the home run man, because he always gets a home run. The other teammates didn’t come because there was so much traffic due to the car show at the Fairgrounds.


Sunday, Cece came and we went to the Natural History Museum and we saw the new film Reborn Reef. It was about this couple living on an island off of Hawaii and Newport Beach. This diver was trying to show lots of fish that were beautiful. One day in the movie, a new reef was born. It’s interesting to watch.

Later, I watched Ms. Frizzle. It was about the desert and how we can protect it. Doesn’t that sounds fun? Well, some of it was fun, and others were not. The cactus has thorns, it’s sharp. I wanted to touch it on the table. Ms. Frizzle said you can’t. Plus, I was thinking if this show is number six, I may get a prize. My helper said, sorry its 5 so one more before you get a prize. I was like what about my prize? She was saying I am not telling you again, if I have to tell you one more time… She didn’t say anything back. I thought how rude. Luckily, I bought a Ms. Frizzle book.

Around 5 pm Elinora came and I held her. She is 3 months old. So cute aww!!!!!!!!


My favorite part of the weekend was seeing the cute baby because she was so darling.


My least favorite part was nothing because it was a wonderful weekend. Overall, my weekend was so lovely. Today starts my Spring break. I want to go to the Safari Park, Balboa Park, Legoland, and UTC because it will be fabulous!


Weekend of March 25, 2016

My weekend was awesome! I went to Dixieline and Sprouts, and I danced on Wii with Vanessa. I helped picked out a cake, I went horseback riding, I went to UTC to see Zootopia the movie, and I went to a Purim carnival.

On Friday, I went to compare flowers at Dixieline and Spouts. One type of flower, Blumemarita, was $2.99 at Dixieline, but at Spouts they didn’t have any of the same kind. After that around 2 pm, Olivia and her friends showed up because they had a Wii dance party and it was so much fun! Heck yeah! A group of kids danced. Elizabeth, my friend, danced like it’s the 70s or the 80s. It is when people wore skirts and they listened to oldies like YMCA by the Village people. After ATP, Arlie and I drove to the Del Mar Highlands Mall to Ralphs, because I helped her pick out a cake for Joe and Katelyn. Oh my gosh, I loved it because it looked delicious.

On Saturday, Cece came over. After I went horseback riding, her sister wanted to buy something for her skin tanning, and she needed lotion for her tan; she wanted to be dark for the beach. We went to UTC, to the area where there was an AT&T shop and we waited for her sister Toni. She looked good. After talking to her, Cece and I were headed to Arclight because we watched Zootopia. It was about a bunny who wanted to look for her fox family and the rat was trying to believe that he will take control. There was a snail who was trying to be a robot during one part of the movie. This girl, Judy, was trying to rescue the skunk from danger. When the movie ended, we were out of the theater, [listened to some music,] and went home.


Sunday, Elizabeth was late and Rosalinda was upset. When I woke up I remembered two things. First, my dad will be home tonight and second, I had a Purim carnival. I was wondering if the carnival had an Easter egg hunt. Too bad they didn’t have one. The good thing was before we went to the car; I watched a special Max and Ruby Easter show on TV. During the Easter egg hunt that the bunny scouts and Max had, Ruby found all the eggs, but Max was always hiding the found eggs under the picnic table. The carnival was at the JCC. When we got there, there was a puppet show and I played a game where you find 5 pieces of Jewish stars and I found 3.


There was also a small band with a Klezmer (a lady playing a fancy Jewish clarinet from Europe), and she was amazing. The carnival ended up fun because it turned out it was all outdoors like I thought. I also thought thanks for a beautiful day.

My favorite part of the weekend was the carnival because it was so much fun! My least favorite part was nothing because it was a great weekend. Overall, my weekend was awesome because it was wonderful. Next weekend I want to either go to a Passover party, learn to ski, bomb a jellyfish, or learn a new joke. I want to do one of these things because I will be a mess doing all these things.