Weekend of March 11, 2016

My weekend was incredible! I ate at Habit Burger, went shopping at Home Goods and watched a movie Madagascar 2. I also went to a weird orchestra rehearsal. I also played baseball, went to Carlsbad beach, and I went to watch the play Annie Warbucks at the JCC. I also played a lullaby on the piano for my niece and played the Ocean game. Finally, it was daylight savings time.

Friday, I went to Habit Burger and it was so nice. After that, Jason and I went to Home Goods and omg the things they had were immense. I helped MaryJeanette pick out a lunch box for her son. Aww! Then we headed back to school and at 1:30 pm we saw the movie Madagascar 2. It was about family and friendship. It was funny. Arlie kept telling me let’s go home before it rains but I didn’t listen; I just ignored her. I wanted to finish the movie but I didn’t. We left and once we were walking it rained. We finally made it to the van. Phew! It stopped raining after a while at home. At 6 pm, my dad drove me to the orchestra hall and there was a lot of traffic. I thought move faster dad. It was scary because I was asking questions like ”When will we get there? Will we be late?” I was so worried but later we were there right on time. The piece the [La Jolla Symphony] orchestra played was so strange. There was a movie with the music. The movie was an old black and white sideshow of New York. You may think this is great… but it wasn’t because they repeat the same notes and it was like a robot, same song over again. One part of it hurt my eyes. Then there was this piece which was neat because for one thing they had a children’s chorus. They had some dancers wearing platform shoes and it was similar to a ballet/contemporary piece they practiced. I liked it.

Saturday, I didn’t go horseback riding but I did exercise and then read Dragon Rider. I also practiced my music. Then I played Endless Ocean Blue World during lunch. After lunch, I went to Miracle League baseball and I almost didn’t hit the first inning, but then after the last hitter one of the coaches said go up Casey. So I hit and walked the bases. Second time I got a big hit.

Sunday, I first went to the Carlsbad Beach. After that I went home and got ready because Carla my friend, grandma, my dad and I went to see Annie Warbucks at the JCC. First there was this paper called give a gift to someone in the play or a favorite character. You can give them a gift of a lollipop. Well, my favorite character is Annie so I said, to Annie from Casey. OMG, the show was so funny. Commissioner Doyle was the funniest. Her role was bad in the play. She wanted to trick Daddy Warbucks to get his money. I thought Mr. Warbucks would marry Mrs. Kelly but nope she married Grace instead. After I saw Jaydon, Annie was gone. I said, no where are you? Annie come back no, I missed Annie. I was so sad but I saw Commissioner Doyle and I had a picture with her but I did this when I showed thumbs down [because of no Annie].


At home, I practiced my piano piece, and then my dad recorded me playing lullabies for my niece. My dad posted the links here:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.04.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.05.54 PM

I didn’t like the fact that I missed Annie. I did like the commissioner because I thought it was hilarious. Overall, I had the best weekend. Next weekend, I want to either go to the moon, or go scuba diving in Del Mar beach. I want to do one of these things because I will be on fire for this weekend.



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