Weekend of March 4, 2016

My weekend was great. Some of the things I did were going to Flower Hill mall, going horseback riding, having my opening ceremony for Miracle League baseball, going to the Natural History Museum, and having family dinner. I also saw the original Annie movie because next Sunday I will watch Annie Warbucks.

Friday Alex, Cassidy, Olivia, and I went to Flower Hill mall by public bus. OMG, we went to this jewelry store and a ring costs $120. Also, this diamond ring was worth $54,000! Then I went to this store where they had cute antiques stuff. I didn’t buy it, and it’s not in my budget because it was so expensive.

Saturday, I exercised, practiced baseball, and got ready for horseback riding. OMG, I did great! Then my Dad and I got ready for baseball opening ceremony. We sang [and I signed] the national anthem, and it was amazing!


After that, there was a little popcorn truck near the snack bar and some people got popcorn for the game. I got to go in the driver seat of the truck.


After that, I went home and saw the original Annie movie and I liked it.

Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum. Ms. Frizzle’s topic was about whales. It was interesting. Then when I got home, my Dad was making a salad. We got ready for a family dinner. Soon, my Grandma, uncles, and Riley the puppy came. Grandma listened to me played drums. My big cousin Alison also came over. I asked her when she started to learn how to play drums and percussion. She said when she was 9 years old.

Alison showed me her school website online. One area of the website was named “Who is Alison Black?” At the end she stated, “I always liked visiting my cousin Casey.” Funny right? Also she showed me a video of this song where Alison played percussion. It’s called, “In the spring at the time when kings go down to war.” It’s about a battle of the American Revolution. Some people will think it’s weird but once you hear it you may think that maybe it’s a great band piece. Soon, Ellinora and Anne-Marie came over. Ellinora is 2 months old. She looked happy and was so cute. Grandma held her.


My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Ellinora.


My least favorite was nothing. Overall, my weekend was awesome! Next weekend I will see Annie Warbucks at the JCC with Carla. I also want to go camping or go fishing at the lake. I want to do one of these things because it will be so nice.


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