Weekend of February 26, 2016


My weekend was nice. It was filled with relaxing things like going to sprouts, having dinner with my family, going horse riding, having a friend over, and resting at home.

First on Friday, I went to Sprouts to go hunting for lotion, lip gloss, and a bracelet. It was lovely. Then I saw the Beethoven [the dog] movie and it was funny. At 5:45 pm, my Dad, Uncle Robert, Grandma and I went to Bob and Julie’s house. When my dad held my niece, I was so jealous because I didn’t want him to hold Ellinora. It was also Anne-Marie’s Mom’s birthday.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and I did great!!!



After that, I came home and practiced drums because after lunch Jaydon came over. Also the alarm guy came to add a new telephone line for our alarm in the laundry room. Jaydon first played piano, then after that I played my piece, Sonatina 1. I knew the duet really well. After that, I asked him how is your Karate? Can u show me? Sure, he did kick boxing.

Now, Sunday was the worst day you can imagine because I had a coughing fit. I stayed home, I didn’t go to the park, walk, nothing. It was terrible. It stopped around 5 pm. Phew! But it still continued during the night. Awful day/night.


My favorite part was the Beethoven movie because it was so funny. That’s why I started to cough Sunday. My least favorite part was when I had a fit of coughing. Stop, the journal is not done yet… did you? I said stop, listen to me right now ok? what was I saying? Oh yeah, I didn’t like coughing because nobody likes being sick. Overall, beside Saturday, and Friday which was fun, my weekend was between great and awful. Next weekend, and yes I am almost done, I want to either go sightseeing in Balboa Park, or have a picnic at the beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be great.


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