Weekend of March 18, 2016

My weekend was great. I went shopping at CVS, played UNO, and saw the movie Shrek 1. I also went riding on a horse. We had picture day at baseball and a baseball game. I saw Aunt Laurie’s apartment, went to the aquarium, and I went to a Purim Celebration.

Friday, I rode the 308 bus to the 101 area [of Solana Beach]. When we got out from the bus we walked down to the CVS. Good thing Arlie saw the CVS sign.   Finally we walked into CVS and saw a lot of Easter eggs on sale. It was great because Jason helped me find 10 things. When we got back to school, we played Uno and Caleb won. At 230, Nick and Alex were watching Shrek on the computer so I joined them. It was so funny!

Saturday, my dad said “It’s picture day at Baseball so don’t even smile once until I tell you ok”. I rode Scout without smiling. I drove to baseball with no smile, but for my solo picture I made an awesome smile.


For my team picture I smiled. Baseball was so cool!


My dad was the pitcher for our team. My buddies were Ellie and I forgot my other buddy’s names [Lily and Kirsten].


After that, we drove to see Aunt Laurie’s apartment. It is across the street from the Highlands mall. It was a nice place. After piano practice, I took a long power nap. I slept from 2 to almost 3.

Sunday, Cece and I went to the aquarium.


We saw a baby female turtle. In the shark area, one shark almost ate a fish. I took a picture of the shark and it looked cool. The funny part was when there was a video about how seahorses mate and the male pushes out babies in the seahorse’s mouth. I really liked the Sailfin tang fish because it was in front of the tank and easier to see. When we got home, I took another power nap from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. I needed a costume for Purim. I wore a fancy witch hat with beads and a lei [boa]. My dad wore a nerd costume. Jaydon was there, he was a jester. I saw a Luigi costume. Purim is about spring and there are 3 people in the story. There is Haman, and every time you hear his evil name you say boo. Also there were some clowns and a clown made me a balloon horse.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Purim celebration. My least favorite was nothing. Overall, my weekend was great! My dad will be away on Thursday. I will go to a Purium carnival next weekend. I want to either go on an Easter egg hunt or go to a flower park. I want to do one of these things because it’s springtime, hello!


Weekend of March 11, 2016

My weekend was incredible! I ate at Habit Burger, went shopping at Home Goods and watched a movie Madagascar 2. I also went to a weird orchestra rehearsal. I also played baseball, went to Carlsbad beach, and I went to watch the play Annie Warbucks at the JCC. I also played a lullaby on the piano for my niece and played the Ocean game. Finally, it was daylight savings time.

Friday, I went to Habit Burger and it was so nice. After that, Jason and I went to Home Goods and omg the things they had were immense. I helped MaryJeanette pick out a lunch box for her son. Aww! Then we headed back to school and at 1:30 pm we saw the movie Madagascar 2. It was about family and friendship. It was funny. Arlie kept telling me let’s go home before it rains but I didn’t listen; I just ignored her. I wanted to finish the movie but I didn’t. We left and once we were walking it rained. We finally made it to the van. Phew! It stopped raining after a while at home. At 6 pm, my dad drove me to the orchestra hall and there was a lot of traffic. I thought move faster dad. It was scary because I was asking questions like ”When will we get there? Will we be late?” I was so worried but later we were there right on time. The piece the [La Jolla Symphony] orchestra played was so strange. There was a movie with the music. The movie was an old black and white sideshow of New York. You may think this is great… but it wasn’t because they repeat the same notes and it was like a robot, same song over again. One part of it hurt my eyes. Then there was this piece which was neat because for one thing they had a children’s chorus. They had some dancers wearing platform shoes and it was similar to a ballet/contemporary piece they practiced. I liked it.

Saturday, I didn’t go horseback riding but I did exercise and then read Dragon Rider. I also practiced my music. Then I played Endless Ocean Blue World during lunch. After lunch, I went to Miracle League baseball and I almost didn’t hit the first inning, but then after the last hitter one of the coaches said go up Casey. So I hit and walked the bases. Second time I got a big hit.

Sunday, I first went to the Carlsbad Beach. After that I went home and got ready because Carla my friend, grandma, my dad and I went to see Annie Warbucks at the JCC. First there was this paper called give a gift to someone in the play or a favorite character. You can give them a gift of a lollipop. Well, my favorite character is Annie so I said, to Annie from Casey. OMG, the show was so funny. Commissioner Doyle was the funniest. Her role was bad in the play. She wanted to trick Daddy Warbucks to get his money. I thought Mr. Warbucks would marry Mrs. Kelly but nope she married Grace instead. After I saw Jaydon, Annie was gone. I said, no where are you? Annie come back no, I missed Annie. I was so sad but I saw Commissioner Doyle and I had a picture with her but I did this when I showed thumbs down [because of no Annie].


At home, I practiced my piano piece, and then my dad recorded me playing lullabies for my niece. My dad posted the links here:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.04.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.05.54 PM

I didn’t like the fact that I missed Annie. I did like the commissioner because I thought it was hilarious. Overall, I had the best weekend. Next weekend, I want to either go to the moon, or go scuba diving in Del Mar beach. I want to do one of these things because I will be on fire for this weekend.



Weekend of March 4, 2016

My weekend was great. Some of the things I did were going to Flower Hill mall, going horseback riding, having my opening ceremony for Miracle League baseball, going to the Natural History Museum, and having family dinner. I also saw the original Annie movie because next Sunday I will watch Annie Warbucks.

Friday Alex, Cassidy, Olivia, and I went to Flower Hill mall by public bus. OMG, we went to this jewelry store and a ring costs $120. Also, this diamond ring was worth $54,000! Then I went to this store where they had cute antiques stuff. I didn’t buy it, and it’s not in my budget because it was so expensive.

Saturday, I exercised, practiced baseball, and got ready for horseback riding. OMG, I did great! Then my Dad and I got ready for baseball opening ceremony. We sang [and I signed] the national anthem, and it was amazing!


After that, there was a little popcorn truck near the snack bar and some people got popcorn for the game. I got to go in the driver seat of the truck.


After that, I went home and saw the original Annie movie and I liked it.

Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum. Ms. Frizzle’s topic was about whales. It was interesting. Then when I got home, my Dad was making a salad. We got ready for a family dinner. Soon, my Grandma, uncles, and Riley the puppy came. Grandma listened to me played drums. My big cousin Alison also came over. I asked her when she started to learn how to play drums and percussion. She said when she was 9 years old.

Alison showed me her school website online. One area of the website was named “Who is Alison Black?” At the end she stated, “I always liked visiting my cousin Casey.” Funny right? Also she showed me a video of this song where Alison played percussion. It’s called, “In the spring at the time when kings go down to war.” It’s about a battle of the American Revolution. Some people will think it’s weird but once you hear it you may think that maybe it’s a great band piece. Soon, Ellinora and Anne-Marie came over. Ellinora is 2 months old. She looked happy and was so cute. Grandma held her.


My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Ellinora.


My least favorite was nothing. Overall, my weekend was awesome! Next weekend I will see Annie Warbucks at the JCC with Carla. I also want to go camping or go fishing at the lake. I want to do one of these things because it will be so nice.


Weekend of February 26, 2016


My weekend was nice. It was filled with relaxing things like going to sprouts, having dinner with my family, going horse riding, having a friend over, and resting at home.

First on Friday, I went to Sprouts to go hunting for lotion, lip gloss, and a bracelet. It was lovely. Then I saw the Beethoven [the dog] movie and it was funny. At 5:45 pm, my Dad, Uncle Robert, Grandma and I went to Bob and Julie’s house. When my dad held my niece, I was so jealous because I didn’t want him to hold Ellinora. It was also Anne-Marie’s Mom’s birthday.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and I did great!!!



After that, I came home and practiced drums because after lunch Jaydon came over. Also the alarm guy came to add a new telephone line for our alarm in the laundry room. Jaydon first played piano, then after that I played my piece, Sonatina 1. I knew the duet really well. After that, I asked him how is your Karate? Can u show me? Sure, he did kick boxing.

Now, Sunday was the worst day you can imagine because I had a coughing fit. I stayed home, I didn’t go to the park, walk, nothing. It was terrible. It stopped around 5 pm. Phew! But it still continued during the night. Awful day/night.


My favorite part was the Beethoven movie because it was so funny. That’s why I started to cough Sunday. My least favorite part was when I had a fit of coughing. Stop, the journal is not done yet… did you? I said stop, listen to me right now ok? what was I saying? Oh yeah, I didn’t like coughing because nobody likes being sick. Overall, beside Saturday, and Friday which was fun, my weekend was between great and awful. Next weekend, and yes I am almost done, I want to either go sightseeing in Balboa Park, or have a picnic at the beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be great.