Weekend of February 19, 2016

My weekend was so great. It was filled with super things like going to Escondido, going horseback riding, trying a new dance studio, visiting my mom’s grave, going to Shooting Stars, and going to UTC.

On Friday, I went to Escondido with Vanessa and Elizabeth. I went hunting for rings, pearl necklaces and earrings. The total was $47.00, it was under 75 dollars. Also, I bought peppermints for my horse. After that, we headed back to school. We talked about doing siri and so, Vanessa said, do beat boxing, here is what I been practicing, boots and cats, I could do it all day, and cats and boots and cats. Isn’t that so funny? In a few minutes Cassidy said bye. I wasn’t leaving yet funny right?


Saturday, I rode Scout and then I talked to Craig while Jonah rode Noodles. Then I saw Best Boy with Julia, the one with the dark hair who was riding in last year’s horseshow.


Then I practiced my music and ate early because we went to Mira Mesa to try out a new dance studio. It was the best one ever. On the paper that I got it said that the class range was from 5 to adult, but the class that I observed was for 5 to 10 year old kids. I am not 10 or 5 I’m 20, I am a young adult and aunt. Anyways I loved the teacher, she was 24, older than me. Then I went to my mom’s grave and I said, I miss you momma WAHHHH! I took a nap there.


Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars and omg, there was a puppet show about polar bears. It reminded me of my childhood.


Then I danced to the song Is It Hard to Say Sorry. Then Cece and I went to UTC. I mostly walked around Sears and saw some decorations for your porch, a lot of bbqs, some of them were $49.99, and Disney shoes. The shopping spree is 40 percent off. Then I practiced my piano and drums because tonight I will have jazz band practice.

My favorite part of the weekend was the dance studio and Escondido because it was AWESOME. My least favorite part was nothing. Overall, my weekend was funny/perfect. Next weekend I want to get Elizabeth an ice cream bun because she will LOVE IT.


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