Long Weekend of February 12, 2016

My long weekend was strange. It was so weird because I did a bunch of things that made me feel like it’s not an easy weekend. Let me tell you that if you are the reader/listener, you might not like hearing these weird things but everyone is different so here we go. Some of the things I did were go to the outlet in Carlsbad mall and buy new shoes. I also went to LEGOLAND, horseback riding, seeing Jaydon, going to the Natural History Museum, proudly showing my jazz band concert on YOUTUBE, watching a Harry Potter movie, celebrating the best Valentine’s Day ever, and going to the zoo.

On Friday, Arlie and I went to the Outlet Mall in Carlsbad and I saw the cutest jeans on sale in Gap, but we were headed to the Puma store. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and this pair, as you can see, is so cute. Omg cute part, done check.


Then I went to Legoland. It had wacky parts like the carousel, and Coastersaurus the rollercoaster. We had fun at the aquarium.


Saturday, I went horseback riding and I did great! I then played with Jaydon. We played piano and Super Mario Galaxy and I felt great!

Sunday was Valentine’s Day and I went to the Museum of Natural History with Elizabeth. I had a major problem when we got there. I was so tired and hurting my tummy omg. I was so frustrated oh no it’s not fun. That’s why I lay down next to my seat. I wished I felt better to go in right then, but soon I felt better. Ms. Frizzle was about a topic that we all need. It’s not bones, music, dance… It has to do with how we keep from getting sick. It’s germs, ew right? The kids did a pretend magic school bus ride and near the end there’s a sneeze ah ah ah ah ah ah ah choooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, then I saw a new movie named Whales 3D and I loved it! After that, I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my dad by watching the first Harry Potter movie and I loved it.


Monday I went to the zoo and omg the zoo is 100 years old!

My favorite part of the weekend was Valentine’s Day because it was so nice. Overall I had an ok weekend. Next weekend I will try a new dance studio. I also want to either go to my mom’s grave or go to Best Buy. I want to do one of these things because it will be a much better weekend.

[Casey jazz band concert on YouTube]


2 thoughts on “Long Weekend of February 12, 2016

  1. Alison Black says:


    You are such a rock (JAZZ) star! Thank you for posting the video here so that I could see it, since I was not able to come. I have been sick a lot recently, which is no fun. I miss you and the family very much! Love you!

    Cousin Alison (Big Alison)

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