Weekend of January 29, 2016

My weekend was wonderful. It was filled with activities like walking to CVS, going horseback riding, practicing for my concert, and going bowling.

On Friday, I walked all the way to  CVS and I bought plastic forks. It was ok.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and after that, I talked to Craig about our trip to Florida. Then, I asked him how he met Jonah’s mom [his wife]. He met her at the temple,  while they had a festival in 2002.  She didn’t respond to Craig. Weird, right?  After that I came home and I asked Jaydon if he can come today to read my journal from my trip, he said he couldn’t. Boo hoo! After that I practiced drums because I have a concert tonight at 6:30 pm, but I must warn you that our group will not play first, we will play after the Notre Dame Academy band.

Sunday, it was the worst day ever because It rained. So what will I do? I decided to go bowling. But I didn’t go early because I stalled. I thought, well since it is raining, let’s wait and go after it stops raining.  Finally it stopped and we went to the  Kearney Mesa Bowling alley. The guy at the counter was really friendly to me because he was signing to me. But the lady who was also working said, you have to wait an hour and a half to play. At the place you have a ticket number, ours was 75, and once in a while, you hear 2 numbers called out, 66 67 come and get your tickets, once again 66 67   please come to get ready to bowl. When you hear your number you will go to the counter and get your shoes. 67, 68, 69, 70 ,71, 72 ,73 ,74, 75 finally! We got our bowling shoes, and we started to bowl! I was first, and I got an 8, then a spare, 8 and another spare, a 3 and a 6, another 3 and a 6. Elizabeth got 8 and a spare, a strike, a 2 and nothing. So I won! We had to stop because it was 2:30. When we got outside, omg, it was raining so hard and on the left was a leakage with water. It was so cool.

After I got home, I started the next Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones. I loved the beginning because Anakin was starting to realized that the Jedi Council was already starting to lose control of the Ocean planet.  But after a while, these battles came and I thought it was too loud. I didn’t like almost at the end when Yoda used his light saber to fight Count Dooku. It was aggressive. It made me so scared that I got ready for bed, I was scared a lot and I got so upset. I had to remember that God is with me.

My least favorite was that movie because it ended up really scary. My favorite, however, was bowling because on a rainy day, I was active and was having fun bowling. Overall, my weekend was not a great weekend but an ok weekend.

Next weekend I want to either watch the Super Bowl, or go to a beach or a park. I want to do one of these things because it will be so awesome.


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