Weekend of February 19, 2016

My weekend was so great. It was filled with super things like going to Escondido, going horseback riding, trying a new dance studio, visiting my mom’s grave, going to Shooting Stars, and going to UTC.

On Friday, I went to Escondido with Vanessa and Elizabeth. I went hunting for rings, pearl necklaces and earrings. The total was $47.00, it was under 75 dollars. Also, I bought peppermints for my horse. After that, we headed back to school. We talked about doing siri and so, Vanessa said, do beat boxing, here is what I been practicing, boots and cats, I could do it all day, and cats and boots and cats. Isn’t that so funny? In a few minutes Cassidy said bye. I wasn’t leaving yet funny right?


Saturday, I rode Scout and then I talked to Craig while Jonah rode Noodles. Then I saw Best Boy with Julia, the one with the dark hair who was riding in last year’s horseshow.


Then I practiced my music and ate early because we went to Mira Mesa to try out a new dance studio. It was the best one ever. On the paper that I got it said that the class range was from 5 to adult, but the class that I observed was for 5 to 10 year old kids. I am not 10 or 5 I’m 20, I am a young adult and aunt. Anyways I loved the teacher, she was 24, older than me. Then I went to my mom’s grave and I said, I miss you momma WAHHHH! I took a nap there.


Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars and omg, there was a puppet show about polar bears. It reminded me of my childhood.


Then I danced to the song Is It Hard to Say Sorry. Then Cece and I went to UTC. I mostly walked around Sears and saw some decorations for your porch, a lot of bbqs, some of them were $49.99, and Disney shoes. The shopping spree is 40 percent off. Then I practiced my piano and drums because tonight I will have jazz band practice.

My favorite part of the weekend was the dance studio and Escondido because it was AWESOME. My least favorite part was nothing. Overall, my weekend was funny/perfect. Next weekend I want to get Elizabeth an ice cream bun because she will LOVE IT.


Long Weekend of February 12, 2016

My long weekend was strange. It was so weird because I did a bunch of things that made me feel like it’s not an easy weekend. Let me tell you that if you are the reader/listener, you might not like hearing these weird things but everyone is different so here we go. Some of the things I did were go to the outlet in Carlsbad mall and buy new shoes. I also went to LEGOLAND, horseback riding, seeing Jaydon, going to the Natural History Museum, proudly showing my jazz band concert on YOUTUBE, watching a Harry Potter movie, celebrating the best Valentine’s Day ever, and going to the zoo.

On Friday, Arlie and I went to the Outlet Mall in Carlsbad and I saw the cutest jeans on sale in Gap, but we were headed to the Puma store. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and this pair, as you can see, is so cute. Omg cute part, done check.


Then I went to Legoland. It had wacky parts like the carousel, and Coastersaurus the rollercoaster. We had fun at the aquarium.


Saturday, I went horseback riding and I did great! I then played with Jaydon. We played piano and Super Mario Galaxy and I felt great!

Sunday was Valentine’s Day and I went to the Museum of Natural History with Elizabeth. I had a major problem when we got there. I was so tired and hurting my tummy omg. I was so frustrated oh no it’s not fun. That’s why I lay down next to my seat. I wished I felt better to go in right then, but soon I felt better. Ms. Frizzle was about a topic that we all need. It’s not bones, music, dance… It has to do with how we keep from getting sick. It’s germs, ew right? The kids did a pretend magic school bus ride and near the end there’s a sneeze ah ah ah ah ah ah ah choooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, then I saw a new movie named Whales 3D and I loved it! After that, I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my dad by watching the first Harry Potter movie and I loved it.


Monday I went to the zoo and omg the zoo is 100 years old!

My favorite part of the weekend was Valentine’s Day because it was so nice. Overall I had an ok weekend. Next weekend I will try a new dance studio. I also want to either go to my mom’s grave or go to Best Buy. I want to do one of these things because it will be a much better weekend.

[Casey jazz band concert on YouTube]


Weekend of February 5, 2016

My weekend was amazing! It was filled with awesome things like having a picnic with my friends, seeing the symphony, going horseback riding, seeing my niece, playing Super Mario Galaxy, going to Legoland, and seeing the Super Bowl.

Friday, I  went to this park down the street from my school for a picnic. It was a lovely park, full of trees, and it had a playground and grass. I sat on the cutest penguin blanket that Vanessa brought. We played Hot Potato with the ball. Then after a while I had an awesome idea. I thought maybe we can play a group game at this picnic. I picked Duck Duck Goose. It was really fun. I won! After that, I went to the La Jolla Symphony rehearsal with my Dad. There was an awesome piano concerto by Philip Glass with a Native American flute. It was based on the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. I liked it.


Saturday, I went horseback riding:

  1. I trotted, canter and galloped,
  2. My horse had a sore leg, so I mostly walked on a trail ride.

It was #2 and did you know that I saw a new horse? It was a flea-bitten gray horse. After talking to Craig [Parks], I went home, practiced piano and drums, and David my cousin played drums. Then around 1220 I looked at the time and I screamed because I couldn’t believe it was after 12 and I was super hungry. After that, my niece came over. She was sleeping and she was so cute.


Meanwhile David and I played Mario Galaxy. Honeybee Galaxy was my favorite because you turned into a bee to fly, not to make honey.


Sunday, I went to Legoland with Cece and we arrived pretty early. We saw the new lego 4d movie. It was awesome! Then we did the robotbot thing again and then we went on the merry go round. It was super great, man!

After playing my piano and drums, we started the Super Bowl. I liked Lady Gaga singing [the Star Spangled Banner]. I also like the commercials. I loved the weiner dog commercial and the Budweiser and the sheep singing. I thought that was my favorite ad of Superbowl. But the one thing I liked best of all was the Halftime Show besides the Halftime report. Yeah. I thought Beyonce was so cute, Bruno Mars was my dad and my favorite part of it. So it ended up so cool.


My favorite part of my weekend was when I saw the Superbowl because it was so fantasic. My least favorite was nothing because I didn’t have one.

Overall, I want to say you have been a good crowd. Also my weekend was so fabulous, the fab weekend! Next weekend is a long weekend, it’s Presidents weekend and Valentines Day too. I want to either make my dad a super Valentines Day card, or make Ellinora a Valentines card. I want to do one of these things because they will make my heart feel super happy!


Weekend of January 29, 2016

My weekend was wonderful. It was filled with activities like walking to CVS, going horseback riding, practicing for my concert, and going bowling.

On Friday, I walked all the way to  CVS and I bought plastic forks. It was ok.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and after that, I talked to Craig about our trip to Florida. Then, I asked him how he met Jonah’s mom [his wife]. He met her at the temple,  while they had a festival in 2002.  She didn’t respond to Craig. Weird, right?  After that I came home and I asked Jaydon if he can come today to read my journal from my trip, he said he couldn’t. Boo hoo! After that I practiced drums because I have a concert tonight at 6:30 pm, but I must warn you that our group will not play first, we will play after the Notre Dame Academy band.

Sunday, it was the worst day ever because It rained. So what will I do? I decided to go bowling. But I didn’t go early because I stalled. I thought, well since it is raining, let’s wait and go after it stops raining.  Finally it stopped and we went to the  Kearney Mesa Bowling alley. The guy at the counter was really friendly to me because he was signing to me. But the lady who was also working said, you have to wait an hour and a half to play. At the place you have a ticket number, ours was 75, and once in a while, you hear 2 numbers called out, 66 67 come and get your tickets, once again 66 67   please come to get ready to bowl. When you hear your number you will go to the counter and get your shoes. 67, 68, 69, 70 ,71, 72 ,73 ,74, 75 finally! We got our bowling shoes, and we started to bowl! I was first, and I got an 8, then a spare, 8 and another spare, a 3 and a 6, another 3 and a 6. Elizabeth got 8 and a spare, a strike, a 2 and nothing. So I won! We had to stop because it was 2:30. When we got outside, omg, it was raining so hard and on the left was a leakage with water. It was so cool.

After I got home, I started the next Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones. I loved the beginning because Anakin was starting to realized that the Jedi Council was already starting to lose control of the Ocean planet.  But after a while, these battles came and I thought it was too loud. I didn’t like almost at the end when Yoda used his light saber to fight Count Dooku. It was aggressive. It made me so scared that I got ready for bed, I was scared a lot and I got so upset. I had to remember that God is with me.

My least favorite was that movie because it ended up really scary. My favorite, however, was bowling because on a rainy day, I was active and was having fun bowling. Overall, my weekend was not a great weekend but an ok weekend.

Next weekend I want to either watch the Super Bowl, or go to a beach or a park. I want to do one of these things because it will be so awesome.