Weekend of January 15, 2016

My weekend was so cool. It started on Friday 1-15-2016. It was filled with neat things like going to Panda Express, going to Staples, going horseback riding, playing with Jaydon, going to Legoland, seeing a lot of oranges, seeing my niece, seeing my brothers, going shopping, and going to jazz band

On Friday, I went to Panda Express with Vanessa and after that we went to Staples. It was so weird because it was so cold but it turned out great.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and it was fun because it’s my last riding before my trip. After that, I texted Jaydon and he said 1 pm so I was excited. I played improve blue train, and the duet skater’s waltz.


Sunday, I went to legoland with Elizabeth and I went on the Coast cruise ride. I loved it because of the jokes. Then I did this thing named mindstorms where there’s a robot who is sick and you need to fix it and program its body. Dr. Heartbeat helped me. After that, I went on the rollercoaster, Coastersaurus, and the carousel.


After we got out of the aquarium we came home, and my dad showed me a huge bunch of oranges. I was shocked!


After that, I went to Matthew and Anne-Marie’s house to see Ellinora Jane, my niece. She was asleep like a puppy. What was funny was when she slept in this crate that moves, guess what, I also slept. Isn’t that funny? What’s more, Macie, Otis, Ellinora, and I were sleeping at the same time.


Monday morning, my brother Eric, my sister- in-law Alex, and their friends came to talk and hangout. We danced and had a good time!


Then Arlie and I went to UTC and we tried to find some shorts for swimming in Florida. We tried some in Sears but I didn’t like it so we were looking in Macy’s and there weren’t any. Then I said, “now what? I will never go swimming without my new shorts.” We looked in Target and they didn’t have any either. So we then drove over to a surf shop and finally we found the right shorts. My dad loved it. Phew! That night was my last practice for my jazz concert because like I said, I will go to Florida to visit my grandparents who just got an iPad.

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing that baby because she was so cute. My least favorite was nothing because it was so great. Overall, my weekend was awesome. On Thursday my dad, grandma, and I will fly to Florida for the weekend. I want to either go to the Miami zoo or go to a park because I like nature.


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