Weekend of January 8, 2016

My weekend was so cool. It was filled with awesome things like going to the shopping mall, going horseback riding, resting, going to shooting stars, going to the aquarium, and seeing the new baby.

On Friday, I went to the mall and I went to Jersey Mikes. Then, I went to Home Goods, bought a music box, and I also looked at baby stuff.

Saturday, I had a barn lesson and saw a new adopted puppy. It was so cute.


My dad and I went home and I played piano and drums. Then we started to watch the third Star Wars movie. I liked it a lot.

Sunday, I went to shooting stars. There we did music and Adriana my friend was my buddy. We sang the Hello song, played the quiet loud game and then solo. Next, we sang you are my sunshine, baby beluga, this land is your land, lean on me, god bless America, some imagine dragon song, and rolling in the deep by Adele. Then, we danced for a while and it was over. I was coming out the elevator when I saw my friend Jaydon and I talked to him. Next, Cece and I drove over to the aquarium and we saw some jellies, dory the blue tang and nemo the clownfish.


After that I went home, and my dad and I went to Matthew and Anne-Marie’s house because we wanted to see my new niece. omg she was like a stuffed bear and she was so cute that I could wrap her around like a bun. I loved her. It was so nice to see and meet her.


My favorite part of the weekend was the new baby because she was fun. My least favorite was nothing because it was so relaxing. Overall, my weekend was so great. Next weekend I want to either go to Petco Park to see the area or go to old town. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fun.



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