Vacation ending January 3, 2016

My week was really great! I went to Zumba, the zoo, Making Music Museum, LEGOLAND, Arlie’s house, the Safari Park, Balboa Park, Seaport Village, Bonnie, got the car fixed, became an aunt for the first time, and spent time with family. I also had my hair cut, went to the Aquarium, and went to Rick and Lisa’s house. I also watched the Tournament of Roses and the Port of San Diego Holiday Bowl parades.

Last Monday, I went to Zumba and I met so many friends. We did great! Then, we were looking for the Christmas tree in Balboa Park but we didn’t see it so luckily, we went to the Botanical Garden and there was a poinsettia plant that has silks on the sides. It was so rare to see them.


Tuesday, before Arlie and I went to LEGOLAND, my dad, said, you know, the rain will stop soon, no problem, it’s perfect weather, ok have fun, bye, blah blah blah. When we arrived there, drip drop, drip drip drop drop drop, as you might have guessed and you are right, it rained the whole day! Unbelievable, I thought as we were headed to the Museum of Making Music.



  1. I went to Bonnie and then got my van fixed.
  2. I went scuba diving and saw a shark, a humphead Wrasse, and some jellies
  3. I rode my bike all the way to and from the park next to the school.

The answer is 1 because I didn’t go scuba diving because: A. I don’t do it for real I just do it on wii, B. my dad is not home and C. because he is not home, I didn’t ride a bike either.

So I went to Bonnie and really, after that, I really did have my van fixed and it took:

  1. 100 hours
  2. 2 hours
  3. 3 hours
  4. I didn’t have it fixed

It’s 3, and imagine sitting there for 3 hours wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhh its boring. Thursday we went to the zoo and I walked to the tiger trail, and saw Taylor the parrot. I also rode the bus around the zoo and I saw so many animals that were awake.

Friday I went to Arlie’s house and omg outside was pretty. When Ken woke up I played lemonade the hand game with him and sticks. I was so glad to see Ken. Last New Year’s eve I wanted to go to sleep early, so I did.

That Sunday, I went to Rick and Lisa’s house for dinner. I saw their Christmas tree and it was pretty

This last Saturday, omg, I was coughing and I stayed home I was so sick, but I felt better later In the morning. We finished the Tournament of Rose’s Parade, and in the mid-afternoon on Fox there was The Port of San Diego Holiday Bowl Parade which I didn’t know about. These puppies ran in a race in the parade and omg, they were so cute. Then Natalie came and she showed me Hamilton, a musical about Alexander from the Caribbean. There was one song that I liked called The Wealthy Schuyler Sisters, so all three of us, Natalie, Jenn her mom, and I split up parts. Natalie was Angelica, I was Eliza, and her mom was Peggy. Fun right? Also I showed Natalie a photo of my niece because I am an aunt, by the way.


Sunday, omg I went to the Natural History Museum late and the topic was about reptiles for Ms. Frizzle. I liked the magic school bus part because the kids took a helicopter, a form of transportation, to an island and the kids pretended that they are at the beach because sometimes reptiles lives at the beach. I just loved it. After that I went on the carousel 2 times, then I went home and Daniel my friend came early. He is at Duke and took a music class. I said, you know, I saw your videos and you said you played a Mozart piano concerto. He said oh yes I was in the 7th grade. Now he will be in a concerto competition and if he wins, he will play a Chopin concerto with an orchestra. That is very cool isn’t it? You may be wondering if he played a bit of it for me? Yes, he did. In fact, we played a duet to the classic, Ukranian Bell Carol. Christmas for me lasted 2 weeks, crazy right?


After he left and I finished my drums, we watched the last Chargers game of the season. The Chargers were doing great in the 3rd quarter, but then it’s a tie, and then the other team did something. Then Denver got another touchdown so the final score was 20-27. Chargers are done for the season.

My favorite part of the vacation was seeing my cousins and being an aunt because it was really nice! My least favorite was when the Chargers were out for the season because it was miserable. Overall, my vacation was awesome because it was so great! Next weekend, I want to either to go to Macy’s store or go see the new Star Wars movie because I haven’t seen the new one yet.


2 thoughts on “Vacation ending January 3, 2016

  1. julielatz says:

    Wow Casey! I’m exhausted just thinking about all the things you did over vacation week. You have such a cute and funny way of writing. You’re a typical teenager and it sounds like you’re having a blast. I can’t wait to see pictures of your new niece. Love, Aunt Julie

  2. Uncle Ron says:

    Dear Casey,
    Congrats on becoming an aunt. I hope that Ellenora is doing fine.
    Uncle Ron, Aunt Julie, Cousins Jon, Ben and David

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