Weekend of December 4, 2015

My weekend was awesome! Some of the things I did were to go to Escondido, see the TV special The Wiz, go horseback riding, go to grandma’s house, go to the Natural History Museum, see a lot of apples. and go Bowling.

On Friday, we took the 308 bus to Escondido. We ate at Jamba Juice. It was fun. Then we went shopping at Target and Arlie bought surprise gifts for Hanukah for me. Then I came home and saw the Wiz live. OMG it was based on the Wizard of Oz, but in a modern way. Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout and I thought, where is Mark my other horse? I remembered he died. He was too old and weak. Isn’t that sad? Yeah. So after that, my Dad called Tyson and we didn’t have to go to the Time Warner Cable office in Miramar. Phew! Then I went to my grandma’s house and saw that they changed the location of the piano. I forgot uncle Robert will buy a new puppy, named Riley on Sunday. Also Cece, my night nurse, painted my nails so my fingernails are green and my toes are red for Christmas.

Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and there was a big tree with lights that was so pretty.


Ms. Frizzle’s show was about storms and pollution, and I got to help out. We also watched Walking with Dinosaurs. After we got home, my Dad showed me big bunch of apples that he had picked.


Then we watched football [stinky Chargers] for a little. Then I played piano before I went bowling. Omg, I won I got the highest score with my Dad’s help and I ate late. It was the first night of Hanukkah.


My favorite part of the weekend was going bowling, because it was amazing. My least favorite was nothing. Overall, my weekend was exciting. Next weekend I want to donate one of my gifts to someone who is in need, or do a white elephant with my family. I want to do one of these things because it will be fun!


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