Week of November 20, 2015

This is a week journal because I had no school last week since it was Thanksgiving break.

My week was so great. Some of what I did were shopping at Marshalls, eating at Panera, getting my nails painted, seeing a Harry Potter movie, going horseback riding, seeing Jaydon, baking a Pumpkin mix cake, going to the food pantry, going to Boomers, watching things on my new TV, going to the eye doctor, attending a zumba class, shopping at Tilly’s, having Thanksgiving, going to Arlie’s house, going to the Safari Park, and walking around Balboa Park.

On Friday, I went shopping at Marshalls with Vanessa and I saw some shoes that were so cute OMG, it was like a stocking for Christmas, but we didn’t buy them. I did buy some red nail polish to put on after we had lunch at Panera.


When we went back to school, we tried to find a movie but I wanted Harry Potter so badly; finally we rented it from the libary.

Saturday I went horseback riding and in the afternoon, Jaydon, my friend, came and he played Cascades on the piano. After we played Blue Train, then we played Kirby Epic Yarn. In the evening, Cece and I made a pumpkin mixed cake for thanksgiving.


Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to the food pantry and I packed jams and jelly, oh my gosh it was so fun.


Next, I went to Boomers and went on the go carts and played the duck game.

Monday, I went to the eye doctor. I didn’t want to try the machines and when Dr. Drew wanted me to take eye drops I didnt stay still, I didn’t want drops I said ahhh don’t let me. Finally I was done and my eyes were weird because they were dilated and I thought woah that sink looked like a bug with big eyes.


Tuesday I went to the Neurology doctor. I had to suffer and didn’t pay attention to anything to what the doctor was saying except when I had to pee into a cup. I had a cup and the laboratory person had to measure the urine and it was enough. Then I went to the zoo. There was a different entrance and it’s in the exit of the zoo. I saw a big polar bear.

Wednesday I went to Legoland. The lego friends were there and they sang,”That’s what Christmas means to me my friends.” It was a original song I think.


Thursday was Thanksgiving. It was about spending time with your family. My family had tofurkey, green bean casserole, cauliflower, stuffing, and my pumpkin mix cake for dessert.


Also, David, my cousin and I played Kirby Epic Yarn. At night we watched the Macys Thanksgiving day parade, I mean yeah it was so awesome. I liked the rockettes because they were like little toy soldiers. I also saw Santa which was pretty cool because it is the start of the holiday season.

Friday, I went to Arlie’s house. It was like a dream house I mean the floor was like heaven and the wall was like angels. Ken looked like he was starring on a tv show. Later Carole, our cousin from Seattle was visiting.


Saturday, I went to the San diego Zoo’s Safari Park with Carole and we saw tigers, Califoria condors, giraffes, elephants, eagles, rhinos, gazelles, lambs, Santa, and zebras. I liked the carousel because they had Christmas carols like Jingle Bells.

Sunday, Cece and I first went to the science center to see a movie called Jouney to space, it was amazinggggg!!!!!! Then we walked around Balboa Park. We saw the koi pond and we saw Santa and his fake reindeer and went on the Carousel. It was fun.


My favorite part of the week was going to the Safari Park because it was the best day ever. My least favorite was missing school and jazz band. Next break, I want to either go to Seaport viallage or drive around to see Christmas lights. I want to do one of these things because it will be filled with holiday cheer!


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