Weekend of November 13, 2015

My weekend was so tiring. It was filed with busy things like going to Escondido, a family dinner, going horseback riding, my last baseball game of the season, helping to host a baby shower, taking family photos, going to shooting stars, going to University Town Center mall, and finishing the movie Pitch perfect 2.

Friday, I went to Escondido with Mary Ann and my peers, ate at Carl’s Jr., and went shopping to practice my budget skills. I did well. We bought wipes for the learning center. After that trip, my dad and I went to Bob and Julie’s house for a family dinner.

Saturday, omg!, it was so busy. First I rode Scout my horse. I had my last baseball game of the season. I got a trophy.


In the afternoon, I helped host a baby shower for Anne-Marie, my sister in law. It was at Extraordinary Desserts.


Alison my cousin was there.


It was outdoors. We wrote messages on these baby diapers for the baby. We did this game where there’s 10 jars of baby food and you try to guess which one it is. We also decorated shirts. There were some baby clothes and when you arrive you have to pick a design.


One of the gifts was a Minnie mouse toy. During the opening of gifts I was screaming ahhhhhhh my belly hurts take me home right nowwwww!!!!!!!!!! I was feeling embarrassed because I thought my guests would laugh at me but they didn’t.


After I got home, I played on the piano my Bouree by Mr. Bach. After that Eric said “play the piano Alex”, she said “no, I forgot”, “go on, Casey would love it”. She said ok reluctantly. She played 2 minuets by Bach out of my first lesson on Bach book. Then we took family photos and omg I almost cried because it was so good.


Sunday, Cece said, “Let’s see what trouble we can run into at the museums, ok?” I was saying, ”I want to go the museum and walk around the koi ponds.” My dad said no, “you have shooting stars…” When I heard my Dad say that, I was so so so sad, no I thought. So we got ready to go to the JCC and it was upstairs in a room full of tables, chairs and even books. In fact there was these lights which played music. So then Jenna a girl came and we learned a combo dance to the song “shake it off, shake it off.” Then I painted my art project from last month. Then it was over and we went to the beach because I had a lunch break and then we walked around UTC. I went to Sears and there were bunch of Christmas trees for sale. I didn’t buy one, I am Jewish. But I love Christmas so I celebrate it a little. I see Christmas lights every night, and I go to my friends Rick and Lisa’s house for dinner. Then I took pictures with Santa Clause.

Casey Santa Nov2015 - Version 2

After I was home, I watched the end of the movie Pitch Perfect 2. It is about an a capella group named the Bellas.

My favorite part of the weekend was the baby shower because it was a neat experience. Overall, my weekend was terrific!


Next weekend I want to either see Veggie tales Christmas movie or get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hannukah. I want to celebrate by trying to get a Christmas tree [sorry, no]. I want to do one of these things because I got to be good this week.




One thought on “Weekend of November 13, 2015

  1. Tracey Flourie says:

    Great photos this week, Casey! But I’m so sorry about your tummy ache! I hope you got better! You’re going to be a great Aunt.

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