Weekend of November 6, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic.   It was filled with things that were really awesome like going to Oceanside, going horseback riding, playing baseball, going to the music store, the zoo, and finishing Turbo the movie.

On Friday, we took the Amtrak to Oceanside and oh my gosh the pier was like a boardwalk. We saw a pelican and we ate at Ruby’s.


Saturday, I had horseback riding, baseball, I went to the music store, and I got two gifts I got a new cymbal from my dad and new drum sticks from Frank, the store’s owner [left in photo]. Aww!



Sunday, I went to the San Diego Zoo and I fed the giraffe nuts.


After that Elizabeth and I saw Dr. Doolittle’s show at the Zoo. Then oh my gosh, I was crying in pain, oh my gosh I was so sore in my tummy, ahhhh!!!!!!!!! I didn’t feel good. When we got home, I played piano and drums before my dad and I saw the end of Turbo, a movie about a snail who races fast. Weird right? Anyways, oh – one part was when the guy says no you can’t race turbo but everyone was saying “Let him race, Let him race, ….” I liked that part because he won.

My favorite part of the weekend was when I finished Turbo because it had a great ending!!!

Overall, my weekend was superb. This weekend I want to go to the koi pond or the lagoon. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fun!


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