Week of November 20, 2015

This is a week journal because I had no school last week since it was Thanksgiving break.

My week was so great. Some of what I did were shopping at Marshalls, eating at Panera, getting my nails painted, seeing a Harry Potter movie, going horseback riding, seeing Jaydon, baking a Pumpkin mix cake, going to the food pantry, going to Boomers, watching things on my new TV, going to the eye doctor, attending a zumba class, shopping at Tilly’s, having Thanksgiving, going to Arlie’s house, going to the Safari Park, and walking around Balboa Park.

On Friday, I went shopping at Marshalls with Vanessa and I saw some shoes that were so cute OMG, it was like a stocking for Christmas, but we didn’t buy them. I did buy some red nail polish to put on after we had lunch at Panera.


When we went back to school, we tried to find a movie but I wanted Harry Potter so badly; finally we rented it from the libary.

Saturday I went horseback riding and in the afternoon, Jaydon, my friend, came and he played Cascades on the piano. After we played Blue Train, then we played Kirby Epic Yarn. In the evening, Cece and I made a pumpkin mixed cake for thanksgiving.


Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to the food pantry and I packed jams and jelly, oh my gosh it was so fun.


Next, I went to Boomers and went on the go carts and played the duck game.

Monday, I went to the eye doctor. I didn’t want to try the machines and when Dr. Drew wanted me to take eye drops I didnt stay still, I didn’t want drops I said ahhh don’t let me. Finally I was done and my eyes were weird because they were dilated and I thought woah that sink looked like a bug with big eyes.


Tuesday I went to the Neurology doctor. I had to suffer and didn’t pay attention to anything to what the doctor was saying except when I had to pee into a cup. I had a cup and the laboratory person had to measure the urine and it was enough. Then I went to the zoo. There was a different entrance and it’s in the exit of the zoo. I saw a big polar bear.

Wednesday I went to Legoland. The lego friends were there and they sang,”That’s what Christmas means to me my friends.” It was a original song I think.


Thursday was Thanksgiving. It was about spending time with your family. My family had tofurkey, green bean casserole, cauliflower, stuffing, and my pumpkin mix cake for dessert.


Also, David, my cousin and I played Kirby Epic Yarn. At night we watched the Macys Thanksgiving day parade, I mean yeah it was so awesome. I liked the rockettes because they were like little toy soldiers. I also saw Santa which was pretty cool because it is the start of the holiday season.

Friday, I went to Arlie’s house. It was like a dream house I mean the floor was like heaven and the wall was like angels. Ken looked like he was starring on a tv show. Later Carole, our cousin from Seattle was visiting.


Saturday, I went to the San diego Zoo’s Safari Park with Carole and we saw tigers, Califoria condors, giraffes, elephants, eagles, rhinos, gazelles, lambs, Santa, and zebras. I liked the carousel because they had Christmas carols like Jingle Bells.

Sunday, Cece and I first went to the science center to see a movie called Jouney to space, it was amazinggggg!!!!!! Then we walked around Balboa Park. We saw the koi pond and we saw Santa and his fake reindeer and went on the Carousel. It was fun.


My favorite part of the week was going to the Safari Park because it was the best day ever. My least favorite was missing school and jazz band. Next break, I want to either go to Seaport viallage or drive around to see Christmas lights. I want to do one of these things because it will be filled with holiday cheer!


Weekend of November 13, 2015

My weekend was so tiring. It was filed with busy things like going to Escondido, a family dinner, going horseback riding, my last baseball game of the season, helping to host a baby shower, taking family photos, going to shooting stars, going to University Town Center mall, and finishing the movie Pitch perfect 2.

Friday, I went to Escondido with Mary Ann and my peers, ate at Carl’s Jr., and went shopping to practice my budget skills. I did well. We bought wipes for the learning center. After that trip, my dad and I went to Bob and Julie’s house for a family dinner.

Saturday, omg!, it was so busy. First I rode Scout my horse. I had my last baseball game of the season. I got a trophy.


In the afternoon, I helped host a baby shower for Anne-Marie, my sister in law. It was at Extraordinary Desserts.


Alison my cousin was there.


It was outdoors. We wrote messages on these baby diapers for the baby. We did this game where there’s 10 jars of baby food and you try to guess which one it is. We also decorated shirts. There were some baby clothes and when you arrive you have to pick a design.


One of the gifts was a Minnie mouse toy. During the opening of gifts I was screaming ahhhhhhh my belly hurts take me home right nowwwww!!!!!!!!!! I was feeling embarrassed because I thought my guests would laugh at me but they didn’t.


After I got home, I played on the piano my Bouree by Mr. Bach. After that Eric said “play the piano Alex”, she said “no, I forgot”, “go on, Casey would love it”. She said ok reluctantly. She played 2 minuets by Bach out of my first lesson on Bach book. Then we took family photos and omg I almost cried because it was so good.


Sunday, Cece said, “Let’s see what trouble we can run into at the museums, ok?” I was saying, ”I want to go the museum and walk around the koi ponds.” My dad said no, “you have shooting stars…” When I heard my Dad say that, I was so so so sad, no I thought. So we got ready to go to the JCC and it was upstairs in a room full of tables, chairs and even books. In fact there was these lights which played music. So then Jenna a girl came and we learned a combo dance to the song “shake it off, shake it off.” Then I painted my art project from last month. Then it was over and we went to the beach because I had a lunch break and then we walked around UTC. I went to Sears and there were bunch of Christmas trees for sale. I didn’t buy one, I am Jewish. But I love Christmas so I celebrate it a little. I see Christmas lights every night, and I go to my friends Rick and Lisa’s house for dinner. Then I took pictures with Santa Clause.

Casey Santa Nov2015 - Version 2

After I was home, I watched the end of the movie Pitch Perfect 2. It is about an a capella group named the Bellas.

My favorite part of the weekend was the baby shower because it was a neat experience. Overall, my weekend was terrific!


Next weekend I want to either see Veggie tales Christmas movie or get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hannukah. I want to celebrate by trying to get a Christmas tree [sorry, no]. I want to do one of these things because I got to be good this week.




Weekend of November 6, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic.   It was filled with things that were really awesome like going to Oceanside, going horseback riding, playing baseball, going to the music store, the zoo, and finishing Turbo the movie.

On Friday, we took the Amtrak to Oceanside and oh my gosh the pier was like a boardwalk. We saw a pelican and we ate at Ruby’s.


Saturday, I had horseback riding, baseball, I went to the music store, and I got two gifts I got a new cymbal from my dad and new drum sticks from Frank, the store’s owner [left in photo]. Aww!



Sunday, I went to the San Diego Zoo and I fed the giraffe nuts.


After that Elizabeth and I saw Dr. Doolittle’s show at the Zoo. Then oh my gosh, I was crying in pain, oh my gosh I was so sore in my tummy, ahhhh!!!!!!!!! I didn’t feel good. When we got home, I played piano and drums before my dad and I saw the end of Turbo, a movie about a snail who races fast. Weird right? Anyways, oh – one part was when the guy says no you can’t race turbo but everyone was saying “Let him race, Let him race, ….” I liked that part because he won.

My favorite part of the weekend was when I finished Turbo because it had a great ending!!!

Overall, my weekend was superb. This weekend I want to go to the koi pond or the lagoon. I want to do one of these things because it will be so fun!


Long Weekend of October 29, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic. Some of the things I did were going to see Mary Poppins, a young people’s concert, Escondido, horseback riding, baseball, trick or treating, the Natural History Museum, and seeing the Chargers football game.

Thursday night, I saw Mary Poppins with my dad at the JCC and OMG, it was so amazing. We sat near the back and one group of kids said they loved it. Mary Poppins was so elegant. Bert looked drab.


Friday, Jason, Arlie and I rode the bus to Escondido and when we got there, Jesus and Reina were already at the corner waiting for us. I asked them if they wanted to trick or treat around the stores but they didn’t say anything. Luckily, we went to Target, TJ Max, and World Market. After that, we rode back to school because it was a Halloween costume party. In the evening, my Dad and I went to UCSD because Steve Schick, the symphony conductor did a young people’s concert. He talked about the music we heard which was called Tuning up, before a piano concerto by Brahms. They played the third movement first, dedicated to Halloween, then the first movement. After that, it was over and I was thinking, “What? Why didn’t they play the second movement?” Anyways, that was on Friday.


Saturday was the REAL Halloween. I was so excited because I wore my costume not only to my riding lesson,


but I wore it to my baseball game. Believe it or not, it looked so ridiculouly funny, but cute.


[With celebrity pitcher Mark Loretta]


I don’t understand why would a princess like Elsa play baseball? Anyways, then I looked up can young adults go trick or treating? I found that the age level to stop is 14. After that age, you give out candy. I cried oh no! But I still wanted to go. We got ready to trick or treat with Skyler and when we were getting candy I said, “Go to that house? Don’t go, skip, skip” and I asked dad, “Can we go down the street?” We went trick or treating across the street, and I saw kids and when I went to the next house, they went ahead. When my dad and I got back inside my house, we noticed there were more kids getting candy than last year.

Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and I saw the 3d movie, Walking with Dinosaurs. Then I got ready for Ms. Frizzle which was about evolution revolution. Next, I got a behind the scenes tour with Ms. Frizzle.


After I got home, I played Bouree on the piano by Bach. Soon I saw the game between Chargers and the Ravens. In the final quarter we almost won but the only mistake was when the Ravens kicked a field goal and won! Chargers will not make it to the playoffs for sure.

My favorite part of my weekend was when I went trick or treating because I had fun! My least favorite was seeing the Chargers lose because they almost won. Overall, my weekend was great because it was a Halloween perfect weekend a score of 10! Next weekend, I want to go to a rock concert or go to a park. I want to do one of these things because it will be awesome! Rock it on girl!!!!!!