A Short Story: Bonnie and Casey at the Concert

By Casey Latz

One sunny day, there was a ten year old girl named Casey. She woke up and realized there was no school that day. Why? There was going to be a field trip to a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA.  She decided to wear a fancy green dress with long shorts. Her friend, Bonnie, was waiting outside for her. “Hello, Bonnie”, she said. “Let’s go to the Amtrak station to meet the kids.’” All of a sudden, it started raining so hard that they almost got soaked. Casey started to cry because now her little dainty dress had been ruined! That was only to be their first problem that day unfortunately. As they arrived at the train station, the rain stopped. They boarded the train, but Casey suddenly realized that she forgot her purse! Geez, another problem already. There was no time to go home to get it. Luckily, Bonnie had enough money for them.

Then they rode the train and saw Ocean Beach which looked like a big umbrella of water. There were so many big waves. They were thinking about the music and getting so excited! Soon, they got off the train. Omg, birds were singing, “Welcome, to LA. It grand you’re here la de la de la la la!”

“Wow,” Casey thought. Soon Mickey flew over and said, “Hello, welcome to Los Angeles. I am Mickey Mouse. Nice to meet you! Who are you?”

“Oh I am Casey, and this is Bonnie and… WHWHAT! Oh, Mickey, you are real?”

“ How did you know, hee, hee, hee? Hope you enjoy the concert.”  It was so cool and memorable to meet Mickey in my whole life.

They took a special bus to the concert hall and it was a magicial bus that could let you fly to far places. It could also play the piano for them on the way. So it was a cool bus.

They arrived just in time, but Casey fell off the bus. She was ok, but the bus driver said, ”You need some treatment” and the bus fixed her up like a fixer upper.

The seats looked like pizza with jam. Casey thought yuck! It was so weird. Bonnie was saying she was so excited. Then Casey’s dad called. ”Hello, I am at a concert.”

“Oh fun. What do u think so far?”

Casey had nothing to say back. She was like well, uh, well I erm was uh ah well u see at a concert and it was not starting yet. Bye!

They waited and waited 4 hours at the hall. They walked around feeling upset, but then someone said, “Attention, concert starts in 5 minutes. I repeat it starts in 5.”

“Huh? Well what is wrong? Bonnie are, are u ok?” Casey said.

She said, “I think so.”

They felt happy, phew! The concert was great, because an old pianist from long ago came and he played Mozart. He also played the famous nocturne by Chopin. Then he wanted a request and they said, “How about Pink Panther in the style of Bach?”

He played it and then everyone clapped, and he did an encore and it was a medley of the Star Spangled Banner, Take 5, Roll Out The Barrel, Let It Go, and This Is Halloween. They loved it and almost cried. Soon it was really over, and Casey thanked Bonnie. She said that it was a great concert after all.



3 thoughts on “A Short Story: Bonnie and Casey at the Concert

  1. Marjorie Latz says:

    Casey. That was a wonderful story. Grandma M

    On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 8:58 PM, I Have a Lot to Say (for someone who can’t

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