Weekend of October 23, 2015

My weekend was so exciting! I went to Fletcher’s cove, Haunted Aquarium, horseback riding, baseball, the Pumpkin Station, bought my new Wii games, saw Jaydon, and saw the Chargers football game.

On Friday, after going to Fletcher’s Cove, we saw Madagascar 3. So funny!! Then, I came home and got into my Elsa costume. My dad and I went to the Haunted Aquarium.


There was a band in the main menu room like last year. It was called Billy Lee and the Swamp Creatures. The girl drummer was awesome! There was a guitar, a bass, an accordion, a fiddle/ washbowl, and a drum set. Altogether, it sounded great! Like at a campfire or a hoedown, they did Texas swing to spooky favorites. Ye haw, boo haw haw hawwwwww!!


They also had squid and these 2 odd mirrors and one of them looked as though the bottom of your body is small, but your top is big weird right? Plus the funny thing was the other mirror on the other side was the opposite so your top is small and your bottom was big as a wolf.


Then, in the Bioluminescence room the room was completely dim. But I took some animals and I threw it into a glass above and as it goes down you see these glow lights kind of like at Disneyland. Cool right? There was a pirate story about how Captain Jack Sparrow became a pirate. Yoho! We had a fun time. Also we played games.

Saturday, I rode Scout, and I did a what’s called a serpentine. It is when you make a swoosh pattern like a snake. After I rode I saw my friend Julia and I asked her, “did u ride at the show?” yes.” what did u do?” “Well, I trotted, cantered, and did an obstacle course.” “Can you show me now?” “No, I will ride at 10 am.” So I walked over to the barn to watch Julia get Noodles ready to ride. She brushed, and cleaned, and got his saddle with the stirrups and his bridle on him. Then there was a soccer game across from the arena so there were 2 teams, lets say the pink team was Del Mar vs the green team Carmel Valley. So Carmel Valley won! I was not cheering because Julia was posting. “This is so cool!” I thought. At 1:15 pm I got ready for baseball and omg, during the break of the bottom of the 2nd inning, the crowd sang Happy birthday to me! I loved it so much I almost cried and I almost hugged everyone in the crowd, ha hah hah. My hit was so good, the end…

I mean,…Sunday, omg Elizabeth came and she gave me a gift, she not only gave me a new game, but she gave me a gift card to Gamestop oh yeah. So after I got ready did my exercise, I went to Gamestop and I really realllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wanted Mario Party 10 so baddddddddddddddddddddddlllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but Elizabeth said I have $30 not $40 so I said “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mom pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” She said, ”I am not your mom but no! I told you it’s too much money, stop complaining ok?” I DID buy a football game and Kirby Epic Yarn after all.


Oh I texted Jaydon, Can you come today? and he said sure! What about 2 pm? and I texted 3 pm? He said, Perfect! See you then. I said thanks. Soon I went to the Pumpkin Station and I bought a perfect size pumpkin. I also petted the goats and went on the slide and it was so hard boing boing….. weeee…………

When I got home, I got my pumpkin bucket and waited outside for Jaydon and he came early. We played piano, and Kirby Epic Yarn. Soon I watched the stinky Chargers lose their game again.

My favorite part was Haunted Aquarium. My least favorite was the Chargers because they always lose. Overall, my weekend was fabulous! Next weekend is Halloween. I will go trick or treating and play baseball in my Halloween costume because it will be swell!


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