Weekend of October 9, 2015

My weekend was so swell! It was filled with awesome errands like going to Fletcher’s Cove to eat at Roberto’s, which is a Mexican café, having my horse show, playing baseball, going to Shooting Stars, going to UTC and having an early family birthday dinner.

On Friday, we went to Fletcher’s Cove and we decided to eat somewhere. I decided pizza but Jason and Hannah suggested going to Roberto’s, which is a Mexican café because they had Spanish tacos. After we ate, we rode on the 101 bus and I said, ”this is the wrong bus.” My nurse said, “oh no! it is!” We reached Del Mar beach, but it was not the right place for arrival. We were laughing so hard. Then across the incoming street there was another bus and it was the 115 and it went close to the 308 bus. On the way back to Earl Warren, Cassidy and the gang were there and she went to Flower Hill while we went back to the classroom to watch a new movie called Surf Up. I loved it because it was so funny. It was funny because these penguins talked.

Saturday, I woke up early but there was no riding until the middle of the day. I practiced baseball and then I played my piano before I ate. While that happened, I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Soon I went to baseball. My dad was my buddy, and I hit and got to first base and then to second base and when the next kid hit, I ran all the way home to home base.


Then I rested before my horse show. I got first place!


Sunday, I woke up and realized it was a nice sunny day, so Elizabeth and I got ready but around 10:00 my tummy was hurting. When my dad gave me tums, I was better but because of that, I got to the Shooting Stars event a little late. It was held upstairs in a library and people were quiet. In the corner of the room, there was a piano and some of my friends played on it. When it was time to dance, we learned an easier version of Thriller by Michael Jackson. Then, we made a craft that looked like a hand out of clay. But our art teacher will give it to me to paint and bring home after she bakes it in the oven so do not look for it because I don’t have it. Anyways, then I went to UTC and in Sears, Omg, something weird happened. There were already Christmas trees for sale, I thought, “shut up, why isn’t there Halloween stuff not Christmas, its WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOO EARLLLLLLY for that!!!!” Also, near the food court, there was a singer with a guitar. She sang 2 songs, one was the classic Killing me Softly, and the other was a song that we had not heard before. After that inside Starbucks (by the way I also saw Tender Greens) there was no bathroom because I knew there was one in the food court by the pizzas.  After I came home, I played Super Mario Galaxy and then when I played drums, grandma showed up. Also, Matthew and Anne-Marie came. Lisa and Rick came after dinner and we did cake and cards for my birthday which will be this coming Monday.



My favorite part was my special dinner because one card has a tune that is stuck in my head now.


I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was fantastic! Next weekend since my dad will be away, I want to go to either a frizz store or Party City to find a costume because it will be so swell!


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