A Short Story: Bonnie and Casey at the Concert

By Casey Latz

One sunny day, there was a ten year old girl named Casey. She woke up and realized there was no school that day. Why? There was going to be a field trip to a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA.  She decided to wear a fancy green dress with long shorts. Her friend, Bonnie, was waiting outside for her. “Hello, Bonnie”, she said. “Let’s go to the Amtrak station to meet the kids.’” All of a sudden, it started raining so hard that they almost got soaked. Casey started to cry because now her little dainty dress had been ruined! That was only to be their first problem that day unfortunately. As they arrived at the train station, the rain stopped. They boarded the train, but Casey suddenly realized that she forgot her purse! Geez, another problem already. There was no time to go home to get it. Luckily, Bonnie had enough money for them.

Then they rode the train and saw Ocean Beach which looked like a big umbrella of water. There were so many big waves. They were thinking about the music and getting so excited! Soon, they got off the train. Omg, birds were singing, “Welcome, to LA. It grand you’re here la de la de la la la!”

“Wow,” Casey thought. Soon Mickey flew over and said, “Hello, welcome to Los Angeles. I am Mickey Mouse. Nice to meet you! Who are you?”

“Oh I am Casey, and this is Bonnie and… WHWHAT! Oh, Mickey, you are real?”

“ How did you know, hee, hee, hee? Hope you enjoy the concert.”  It was so cool and memorable to meet Mickey in my whole life.

They took a special bus to the concert hall and it was a magicial bus that could let you fly to far places. It could also play the piano for them on the way. So it was a cool bus.

They arrived just in time, but Casey fell off the bus. She was ok, but the bus driver said, ”You need some treatment” and the bus fixed her up like a fixer upper.

The seats looked like pizza with jam. Casey thought yuck! It was so weird. Bonnie was saying she was so excited. Then Casey’s dad called. ”Hello, I am at a concert.”

“Oh fun. What do u think so far?”

Casey had nothing to say back. She was like well, uh, well I erm was uh ah well u see at a concert and it was not starting yet. Bye!

They waited and waited 4 hours at the hall. They walked around feeling upset, but then someone said, “Attention, concert starts in 5 minutes. I repeat it starts in 5.”

“Huh? Well what is wrong? Bonnie are, are u ok?” Casey said.

She said, “I think so.”

They felt happy, phew! The concert was great, because an old pianist from long ago came and he played Mozart. He also played the famous nocturne by Chopin. Then he wanted a request and they said, “How about Pink Panther in the style of Bach?”

He played it and then everyone clapped, and he did an encore and it was a medley of the Star Spangled Banner, Take 5, Roll Out The Barrel, Let It Go, and This Is Halloween. They loved it and almost cried. Soon it was really over, and Casey thanked Bonnie. She said that it was a great concert after all.



Weekend of October 23, 2015

My weekend was so exciting! I went to Fletcher’s cove, Haunted Aquarium, horseback riding, baseball, the Pumpkin Station, bought my new Wii games, saw Jaydon, and saw the Chargers football game.

On Friday, after going to Fletcher’s Cove, we saw Madagascar 3. So funny!! Then, I came home and got into my Elsa costume. My dad and I went to the Haunted Aquarium.


There was a band in the main menu room like last year. It was called Billy Lee and the Swamp Creatures. The girl drummer was awesome! There was a guitar, a bass, an accordion, a fiddle/ washbowl, and a drum set. Altogether, it sounded great! Like at a campfire or a hoedown, they did Texas swing to spooky favorites. Ye haw, boo haw haw hawwwwww!!


They also had squid and these 2 odd mirrors and one of them looked as though the bottom of your body is small, but your top is big weird right? Plus the funny thing was the other mirror on the other side was the opposite so your top is small and your bottom was big as a wolf.


Then, in the Bioluminescence room the room was completely dim. But I took some animals and I threw it into a glass above and as it goes down you see these glow lights kind of like at Disneyland. Cool right? There was a pirate story about how Captain Jack Sparrow became a pirate. Yoho! We had a fun time. Also we played games.

Saturday, I rode Scout, and I did a what’s called a serpentine. It is when you make a swoosh pattern like a snake. After I rode I saw my friend Julia and I asked her, “did u ride at the show?” yes.” what did u do?” “Well, I trotted, cantered, and did an obstacle course.” “Can you show me now?” “No, I will ride at 10 am.” So I walked over to the barn to watch Julia get Noodles ready to ride. She brushed, and cleaned, and got his saddle with the stirrups and his bridle on him. Then there was a soccer game across from the arena so there were 2 teams, lets say the pink team was Del Mar vs the green team Carmel Valley. So Carmel Valley won! I was not cheering because Julia was posting. “This is so cool!” I thought. At 1:15 pm I got ready for baseball and omg, during the break of the bottom of the 2nd inning, the crowd sang Happy birthday to me! I loved it so much I almost cried and I almost hugged everyone in the crowd, ha hah hah. My hit was so good, the end…

I mean,…Sunday, omg Elizabeth came and she gave me a gift, she not only gave me a new game, but she gave me a gift card to Gamestop oh yeah. So after I got ready did my exercise, I went to Gamestop and I really realllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wanted Mario Party 10 so baddddddddddddddddddddddlllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but Elizabeth said I have $30 not $40 so I said “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mom pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” She said, ”I am not your mom but no! I told you it’s too much money, stop complaining ok?” I DID buy a football game and Kirby Epic Yarn after all.


Oh I texted Jaydon, Can you come today? and he said sure! What about 2 pm? and I texted 3 pm? He said, Perfect! See you then. I said thanks. Soon I went to the Pumpkin Station and I bought a perfect size pumpkin. I also petted the goats and went on the slide and it was so hard boing boing….. weeee…………

When I got home, I got my pumpkin bucket and waited outside for Jaydon and he came early. We played piano, and Kirby Epic Yarn. Soon I watched the stinky Chargers lose their game again.

My favorite part was Haunted Aquarium. My least favorite was the Chargers because they always lose. Overall, my weekend was fabulous! Next weekend is Halloween. I will go trick or treating and play baseball in my Halloween costume because it will be swell!


Weekend of October 16, 2015

My weekend was awesome. It was filled with super things like going to Old Town, baseball, shopping at Macys, Party City, and going to Ken’s house. My dad was away.

On Friday, I went to Old Town by coaster to eat at Casa de Reyes. It was so cool because of the scary stuff for Halloween.


Saturday, I went to baseball and I hit on the first hit! I felt so happy. I went home and my other nurse came at 3pm.

Sunday, OMG, I had a great day! Why? We went shopping to buy my new dress and its Arlie’s gift to me. Now I am 20 years old. Then, we went to Party City, the place was so spooky!!! Wow! It made me so scared that I screamed!!!!!!! We looked for a costume because next Friday is the Haunted Aquarium. So it turned out, I picked Elsa and my dad said “What? Really? How about Harry Potter?” No I love Elsa better because it looks like me and I don’t need a wig.


After that I also bought a big big heart shaped birthday balloon.


Soon, we went to Ken’s house because I miss him. He played Ukelele happy birthday and piano. I had fun and didn’t want to leave the house. But, I had to go home because Cece will be coming. Finally, I was home. My Dad came home while I was asleep.

My favorite part was going to Ken’s house because it was heartwarming! My least favorite part was nothing because overall, it was fantastic! Next weekend I want to go camping or go to a Pumpkin Patch. I want to do one of these things because for a twenty year old girl, it will be so superb!


Weekend of October 9, 2015

My weekend was so swell! It was filled with awesome errands like going to Fletcher’s Cove to eat at Roberto’s, which is a Mexican café, having my horse show, playing baseball, going to Shooting Stars, going to UTC and having an early family birthday dinner.

On Friday, we went to Fletcher’s Cove and we decided to eat somewhere. I decided pizza but Jason and Hannah suggested going to Roberto’s, which is a Mexican café because they had Spanish tacos. After we ate, we rode on the 101 bus and I said, ”this is the wrong bus.” My nurse said, “oh no! it is!” We reached Del Mar beach, but it was not the right place for arrival. We were laughing so hard. Then across the incoming street there was another bus and it was the 115 and it went close to the 308 bus. On the way back to Earl Warren, Cassidy and the gang were there and she went to Flower Hill while we went back to the classroom to watch a new movie called Surf Up. I loved it because it was so funny. It was funny because these penguins talked.

Saturday, I woke up early but there was no riding until the middle of the day. I practiced baseball and then I played my piano before I ate. While that happened, I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Soon I went to baseball. My dad was my buddy, and I hit and got to first base and then to second base and when the next kid hit, I ran all the way home to home base.


Then I rested before my horse show. I got first place!


Sunday, I woke up and realized it was a nice sunny day, so Elizabeth and I got ready but around 10:00 my tummy was hurting. When my dad gave me tums, I was better but because of that, I got to the Shooting Stars event a little late. It was held upstairs in a library and people were quiet. In the corner of the room, there was a piano and some of my friends played on it. When it was time to dance, we learned an easier version of Thriller by Michael Jackson. Then, we made a craft that looked like a hand out of clay. But our art teacher will give it to me to paint and bring home after she bakes it in the oven so do not look for it because I don’t have it. Anyways, then I went to UTC and in Sears, Omg, something weird happened. There were already Christmas trees for sale, I thought, “shut up, why isn’t there Halloween stuff not Christmas, its WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOO EARLLLLLLY for that!!!!” Also, near the food court, there was a singer with a guitar. She sang 2 songs, one was the classic Killing me Softly, and the other was a song that we had not heard before. After that inside Starbucks (by the way I also saw Tender Greens) there was no bathroom because I knew there was one in the food court by the pizzas.  After I came home, I played Super Mario Galaxy and then when I played drums, grandma showed up. Also, Matthew and Anne-Marie came. Lisa and Rick came after dinner and we did cake and cards for my birthday which will be this coming Monday.



My favorite part was my special dinner because one card has a tune that is stuck in my head now.


I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was fantastic! Next weekend since my dad will be away, I want to go to either a frizz store or Party City to find a costume because it will be so swell!


Weekend of October 2, 2015

My weekend was so cool. It was filled with awesome things like going to Escondido, going horseback riding, going to baseball, going to get my high hat fixed, seeing Jaydon, getting my hair and nails done, and watching the wonderful Chargers win.

On Friday, we went to Escondido. We rode on the 308 bus and Kaitlin was there talking about horses and inviting me to ride. After we arrived in the mall we went to Souplantation, Party City, and Target. We had a good time.

On Saturday, I practiced for my horse show next Saturday. After that I got dressed and got ready to have my picture taken for baseball, before my game. The game was fun!



After that, I went to the Music Mart across from Carl’s Jr to get my high hat fixed. Frank played all the instruments for me. Soon my friend Jaydon showed up and instead of playing wii after piano, Jaydon showed me some music on Youtube. He showed me Albeque by Desby, and the Grieg piano concerto. Also, he showed me Clair de Lune, the orchestral version.


Sunday, I had my hair cut and my nails done over in the Del Mar Heights mall. Then we walked around Rite Aide. When I got home I hung out at home and omg saw the football game which in fact was so cool. In the first quarter the Chargers gained some defense and it was 13-13. Then we took a break because I had to practice my music. While my dad was busy eating, I thought who will win Cleveland or SAN. Who do you think won? I give you a minute…………………………………………….

Give up? Well, let me explain,

During the second quarter Cleveland was great, but in the second half of the 4th quarter it was 27 to 27. Now what?

Cleveland or SD…………………?

Well still don’t know? Don’t worry because a guy from our team missed a field goal, but the other team got penalized. Then the same guy kicked again and it was good and the Chargers won.


My favorite part was when the Chargers won because it was amazing! My least favorite part was when it was raining and we didn’t go in my spa. Overall, my weekend was great. Next weekend I will have my horse show and we will get my dad’s clarinet fixed. Any questions?