Weekend of September 25, 2015

My weekend was so awesome! It was filled with busy things like going to Fletcher Cove, seeing my dance teacher Miss Sarah for the last time, going horseback riding, playing baseball, going to the Zoo, seeing the worst football game ever, and seeing the BLOOD MOON in the sky.

On Friday, I went to Fletcher Cove, and  in front of this rail there was a pretty view of the beach. In the middle of this rail there were these rubber bands and I plucked them like a harp. It didn’t make a sound like pluck boing… anyways after that, the kids saw a movie called Wreck It Ralph. It was so funny. At night at home Miss Sarah, and her son Mason came over because she is moving to a place called Thousand Oaks. I kept asking “Do you want to do one dance for me, please?” She siad “no”, I then said, “You have to let me see one dance please?” She said, “No, because I will move away and I don’t feel like dancing right now.” I thought “ok fine, whatever you say.”


Saturday, I had horseback riding and I practiced my routine for the horseshow on October 10. After that, I rushed home and got ready for baseball and I hit well. [With buddy Ellie.]


Sunday, I went to the ZOO. I was over at the front stage because Campfire Dave was singing to folks just like me and there was a rare animal and it was a mane wolf named Montana who howled! One of the rarest things you might not know is that Montana was born in a home close to L.A. Then when we went home, I played Wii Sports and for bowling I did so well. Why? Because I got 4 strikes. My dad was so proud of me. Aww!


After practicing music, I first watched Mario Bros on YouTube, and then I watched Legend of Zelda Oceania of Time. Soon OMG, the football game was recorded and was it good? Nope, the Chargers lost again. After I got ready for bed, I went out to the front street to see the Blood Moon and it was so weird but cool.


My favorite part of the weekend was the zoo and seeing the eclipse because it was so neat. My least favorite was when the stinky Chargers lost because now you know why I called them stinky. Overall, my weekend in San Diego was not great but it was ok. Next weekend I want to either have a haircut or have my nails done. I want to do one of these things because it will be awesome!


One thought on “Weekend of September 25, 2015

  1. Tracey Flourie says:

    Hi Casey! I loved the photographis in this week’s blog…especially the one of the Blood Moon. How cool would it have been if we had that moon on Hallow’een?!
    Skyler is looking forward to ANOTHER year of Trick-or-Treating with you! Tracey

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