Weekend of August 28, 2015

My weekend was awesome. It was filled with grand activities like going to the ocean, horseback riding, celebrating my dad’s birthday, and going to the Museum of Making Music.

On Friday, I walked over to the breeze bus and it went to the Fletcher Cove near the train station. It was so beautiful.


Saturday and Sunday however, was a typical normal weekend, but with one special thing. My dad’s birthday was in fact awesome because he’s 61 years old. Wow!


And to add to the festivities, on Saturday I went swimming in our spa with him.


Before that, I watched a DVD musical that was in NYC which my dad saw when he was there. It was called Pippin and was about this prince named Pippin who met a girl named Catherine. Anyway, on Sunday I went to the Museum of Making Music and then went walking on the beach across from the power plant construction area. It was so hot there that I only walked a total of 20 minutes; I walked down for 10 min and back for 10 more minutes. Then I had a family dinner [with carrot cake!] with Matthew, Anne Marie, grandma, my uncle Robert, and Lisa and Rick.


My favorite part of the weekend was when I watched Lawrence Welk because the theme was Hawaii and I was at the beach 2 times. My least favorite part was nothing because I enjoyed it! Next weekend is Labor Day so I want to either go to Oceanside Pier or to the beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be swell!


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