Weekend of August 14, 2015

My weekend was filled with packed events like having my last day of 2 camps, going horseback riding, finishing my ocean game, and going on the ferry to Coronado.

On Friday, it was my last day of 2 camps. At the first camp, Jaydon showed up during lunchtime. He was in Costa Rica. I was like, “Hi Jaydon.” I asked him, “Can you hang out with me tomorrow? I will be away on Wednesday for Seattle.” He said, “Sorry Casey but I have to do homework.” Then I was like, “If you do your homework tonight, you can come tomorrow.” “Tonight? I can’t finish it tonight!” he responded. Next, I facetimed my dad at camp and after that I saw Jaydon braiding challah. Then, I decided to go play piano while everyone went on the water slide. Jaydon and I played a Boogie Woogie song and then we messed around on the piano. Then I went outside and there was a big water slide. I decided to go up it, but there was so much water so I didn’t go up it. Then, we went to our last camp at the park in Solana Beach. The theme was about being grateful to god. There was a skit about how this kid wanted to borrow a car from other kids, and the other campers sang a song from the classic movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was so funny.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and then, Craig showed up and after I rode, I chit chatted with him. Then when we were home my dad texted Jaydon, but he wasn’t available. So what I did was I played piano and my dad got out his clarinet and we played “Frere Jacques” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and then I played drums. After lunch, I played my ocean game and my dad helped me. There was a maze and it was so hard because I had to find the statues before you run out of air. One said this is an ancient symbol about worshipping the sun and I played the dragon flute and you can hear the song of dragons. And then we were stuck.

Sunday, Elizabeth and I went on the ferryboat and I saw so many buildings. When we landed on Coronado, we walked around and I didn’t go in the shops, but luckily I ate on the ferry back. I was trying to spell month on my fingers because she asked me what lesson I learned. I signed, m o n t h and while I spelled it the walker fell and I was gasping, what what! When we were back I wanted to read what was on the wall. Then we went home and I asked my dad if Hunter and Paul are coming, he said nope! So at 3, I tried to work out my game and turns out, there is this temple and these sharks were sooooooooooooooo scary that I used this tool called the Pulsar to calm them down and we were uncertain of the treasure but we saw 4 hints. So then this gate opened and we found the Pacifica treasure. But, we only had 10 minutes to escape the temple before it was destroyed so we had trouble because the current was so strong. I looked up a faq cheat and it said to go down past Oceania and touch the glowing part. So when we did this, the whale kept pushing the statue and then we were back on the boat. It was the end. It took us almost 3 and a half hours to finish the story. Pheewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

My favorite part of the weekend was when we finished the game because it was like yahoo!!!!! However, my least favorite part was there was no Lawrence Welk and that the sharks was scary because both parts were disappointing. Overall, my weekend was oceanistic great! This Wednesday I will go to Seattle for the weekend for Carole’s husband’s celebration of his death. It will be sad. There, I want to either go to a Disneyland if they have one, or go to a theme park if they have one. I want to do one of these awesome things because it will be swell!


2 thoughts on “Weekend of August 14, 2015

  1. Marjorie Latz says:

    Casey. Your blogs are always interesting. Love, Grandma M

    On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 12:52 AM, I Have a Lot to Say (for someone who

  2. Tracey says:

    Casey, you have the best weekends! I went to Coronado this week, also! But I went in a car, not a boat, over the big bridge! Was the boat ride “smooth sailing?”

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