Weekend of July 31, 2015

My weekend was awesome. It was filled with great things like going to Belmont Park, going to Camp Simcha, jazz band, staying home, and going to the Natural History Museum.

On Friday, I went to Belmont Park and I went into this big arcade and one game was called Piano keys. I loved it. Also I wanted to go on this wooden rollercoaster like at Knotts Berry Farm but it looked scary for Arlie and me. Anyways, then I went on the carousel and so it was like Yahoo!


Next I went to Camp Simcha and the theme was tilulum or making the world a better place. Doesn’t worry be happy! After that I went to jazz band. But, there was no combo because Scott went to play at a wedding. So I was disappointed because the combo kids didn’t have practice for the concert this Friday. Oh no now what could they do?

Saturday I had no horseback riding lesson, so I decided to sleep in late. Then I woke up, got dressed, got ready for exercise, and then I practiced piano and drums. Also, I played my new ocean Wii game and I just found a clue for the treasure. I need to go back to the cave to find the map that belongs to a dragon’s flute like a sea whistle. That flute will hopefully open the gates and find the hidden treasure. Isn’t that cool?

Sunday, I slept late and after I got ready, Elizabeth and I went to the Natural History Museum and we went to this exhibit and there were so many animals like an artic fox, tree frogs, sea pigs, etc. After that we went to Ms. Frizzle and the topic was about decomposers. And what was weird was on the Ms. Frizzle Imaginary bus ride, the bus shrunk down into a bowl and they made bread. So they put flour, water and yeast in the bowl When they were done mixing it up and had put it in a pan, the bus didn’t want to be in the oven, so instead the bus took them back to the museum. Then we went on the carousel and lastly we went home.


My favorite part of the weekend was the Natural History Museum because it was incredible. My least favorite part was when Scott didn’t show up for the combo. Overall, my weekend was entertaining. Next weekend, I want to either go to the beach or get some supplies for Camp Let Lose. I want to do one of these things because it will be so exciting!


One thought on “Weekend of July 31, 2015

  1. Linda kurti says:

    Casey it’s amazing how busy you are. It’s nice to see that you are enjoying your free time in so many fun ways. We love and miss you…Berni and Linda

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