Weekend of August 7, 2015

My weekend was magnificent! It was filled with busy activities like going to the zoo, Camp Simcha, my jazz band concert, going horseback riding, going to Souplantation, shopping for my new shorts and pants, going swimming in my spa, going on the coaster to Seaport Village, and seeing my family.

On Friday, I went to the zoo and there was a German Shepard named DUKE on this front stage and I loved him. He was so huge!


So, we went down Monkey Trails after that, and Arlie and I saw some monkeys, some wallabies, and some birds. After that, we went on the carousel and I rode a dog that was so cute because it has spots on its legs and I held onto the pole on top of his mane! Next, I went to camp Simcha and finally, I had my jazz band concert [you can view the concert by clicking this link on YouTube]. I couldn’t believe it, Scott played piano with our band and the combo’s band. It sounded incredible! After the concert, Luke’s sister, who was in my ASL class last year, signed to me.


Saturday, in my new Wii ocean game, I found the temple where the treasure might be hidden. I couldn’t believe it! So then, I went horseback riding, and for lunch, Aunt Laurie, David, grandma, Uncle Robert, my dad, and I went to my favorite restaurant, Souplantation. After lunch I went shopping with Aunt Laurie.


We went to University Town Center and first, we went to Macy’s but they didn’t have good shorts. So then we went to Justice and bought some Capri shorts which are really cute. When we were done, we went home and while I ate my snack, I played my piano and Vincetta came and she loved my playing. Lastly, I just went in my spa, and it was 96 degrees. So nice!

Sunday, I woke up early because Cece and I drove to the train station and when I was on the coaster, I thought, “Wow! So fun! Ooh look at that beautiful ocean, this is pretty.” We went to downtown San Diego to see the kissing statue with a recording of Bob Hope, the comedian. We also saw the [ship] Star of India. Then, we went to Seaport Village to ride the Carousel as usual. Then we went back on the Coaster to go home. After, I went on the treadmill while watching Jessie, which is a teen show on Disney channel. Later, while my dad and I watched Phantom of the Opera, some of my dinner guests came like Matthew, Anne-Marie, Carla, Lisa, Rick, Tracey, John, grandma, and Robert.

My favorite part of the weekend was the coaster because it was amazing! I also loved my concert! My least favorite part was nothing because it was all entertaining. Overall, my weekend was so pleasurable. Next weekend, all I want to do is have some fun packing for my trip or get another bag for my gadgets and I want to do one of these things because it will be the best summer weekend ever!


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