Weekend of July 17, 2015

My weekend was part strange, part amazing. It consisted of going to my last summer school, Camp Simcha, going to jazz band, horseback riding, seeing and hearing rain, seeing Anne-Marie, and going to see Minions.

On Friday, I had my last summer school. I cried so much because I will miss school. But I am excited for ATP in the fall. Then I went to Camp Simcha and it was the end of the first session, and the theme was friendship. Then when I got home, I got ready for jazz band. Luke, the new drummer was amazing!!!


Saturday, I woke up right away and after I got ready for the day, I ran to the stairs and I yelled “Daddy, hey Dad…”

Suddenly, boom, boom boommmboommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I thought, “This is a strange noise, what is it? My tummy?” And I realized it was NOT my tummy and it was

  1. Thunder and lighting
  2. Rain
  3. Loud drums from my neighbors
  4. None of the above

The right answers are “a” and “b”, thunder and lighting and it was raining. Yep! The thunder and lighting scared me. So when it stopped, I thought “Phew, finally!”

Then I went horseback riding and I saw Craig, and he said, “Hi Casey, how are you?” I was thinking, “Who are you?” Like in Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t recognize Craig from camp when I saw him at horseback riding. So, we talked and took a cute picture. It was

  1. Awesome
  2. Rude
  3. Bad

It was “a”, awesome!



  1. It rained more
  2. It didn’t rain
  3. We went to Sunshine Garden after it rained.

The answers are “a” and “c” because it rained more, and we waited till after it rained to go to the plant store.

When we got back home, I was like phew, and so I practiced piano and drums and who came? Anne-Marie, and the whole time she was here it was raining with more thunder like an earthquake.

Sunday, I went to the movie theater to see a brand new movie with the Friendship Circle girls. It was Minions, and when Elizabeth asked for closed captioning in the theater for the movie,

  1. It worked perfectly!
  2. It was not working
  3. None of the above

The final answer is “b”, it was not working. Why?

  1. The caption was for a different movie and that the movie didn’t have good sound quality.
  2. The screen for the closed caption went blank.

It was letter “B”.


Outside was so hot. When I Facetimed my dad in the car, he was asking me, “Do you want to go swimming?” And we were all ready until,

  1. It started to rain
  2. It snowed
  3. We went in the spa
  4. We went hiking

It was “a”. I am like what! I couldn’t believe it! So I took a bath because I knew I was hot. So after all that, I found out that it was strange. I mean who knew it had rained but then I thought, “It is good.   We need rain. We do. Yes we do….

My favorite part of the weekend was the movie because it was so funny. My least favorite part was the thunder and lightning because it was so loud. Overall, my weekend was not great like yay awesome blah la blah, but it was kind of sweaty and stormy. Next weekend, I want to either

  1. Go to Hawaii
  2. Go to Saint Lucia or
  3. Go look at colleges for ASL
    The answer? “c”.

Weekend of July 10, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with great things like going to Camp Simcha, dance lesson, horseback riding, going to Grandpa George’s grave, getting ice cream, going to the zoo, helping my dad cook, and seeing my brother, sister, and uncle for dinner.

On Friday I went to Camp Simcha and it was fun! The theme was slicha saying you’re sorry. After that I went home for my dance lesson.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and then I went home played piano and drums. Then, we picked up Grandma Rhoda and we went to Grandpa George’s grave. It was at the Point Loma cemetery, and when we found it, I was like phew!


Later, we went to the Hilton hotel. We ate a snack and I had a sundae to share.


Sunday Cece and I went to the zoo and I saw the snakes and the 4D Rio movie. After that, I went to the carousel and I had fun. Soon, I went home and my dad was cooking so I helped him cook. We made a marinade. Then around 4:35 pm, I practiced my drums, because Monday is my first jazz band for the summer. Then Matthew, Anne-Marie and Uncle Robert came for dinner.


My favorite part was the dinner because it was also Anne-Marie’s birthday.


My least favorite part was nothing because it was all perfect! Overall, my weekend was great! Next weekend, I want to either watch Inside Out, or get a gift for my dad. I want to do these things because it will be awesome.


Holiday Weekend of July 3, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with tremendous things like going to the aquarium, going horseback riding, going to Evergreen Nursery, seeing Lawrence Welk, the 33rd anniversary of A Capital Fourth, the Macys 4th of July fireworks spectacular, and going to University Town Center. (Also, Arlie is in Texas from the 2nd to the 8th. I miss her a lot!)

On Friday, I didn’t have school because it was a holiday. So I met my new nurse named Cece, or Cecelia, who was very nice and always talkative. Also, Vincetta came because she had to orient her. So after I got ready for the day, we went to the Birch Aquarium and it was shark week during the summer month of July.


Saturday, when I saw Gretchen for horseback riding, I said, “happy 4th of July.” On Mark my horse, I spelled the word, flag. After that, my dad called different garden nursery/stores like Sunshine Garden and Evergreen Nursery to get 9 packets of tomatoes. (Let me explain how to sign this word. Now, in order to do that you can pick a volunteer. Instead, I will type and demonstrate ok? So you sign red on your lips and cut like the sign can’t, like slicing tomatoes, get it?) After all that, I went home and did all my music, then during lunch I played on my iPad. During snack, I played my new ocean game and I found this special tablet. What exactly is on that tablet? What does it mean? Who is it from? How did they hide it? Well do you remember when I told you that I went into the castle? Well I just found out that in the Mermaid’s ballroom, there is a dangerous fish on the throne. You wait til that fish moves away to get a key and where do you think the key goes? In the locked door! Right, and suddenly you hink you can go through another door, but the door suddenly closed like a trap. The divers called Grandpa and he told us that you have to figure out a better way to open that same door, so I said, don’t panic, Casey can help them. Then the diver said I will count to three and you pull when I say pull. Ready? 1….. 2…..3….Pull! So then we called our friend Nancy… Sorry, I was trying to then tell you that after all that, when Wheel of Fortune came on I was clapping and cheering and then when the ad for Toyota Carisbad came on, I was covering my ears and Vincetta said stop it the fireworks aren’t on yet don’t be a Brat. Then Jeopardy came on and after all that, I changed channels to channel 11.

It was time for a capital 4th and I wanted to record it. So omg, there was a different host because I thought mmm maybe the old host was good enough to be on this year, but I was wrong, I love the girl who sang the Star Spangled Banner. If you didn’t see that, boy she was so amazing. I was shocked because readers, maybe you didn’t see Lang Lang. He played Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue which is a classic . I am thinking maybe he will play God Bless America but nope, the host described him so well and Vincetta didn’t watch it.


The fireworks omg I thought they were awesome, the best ones yet. We stayed up till around 10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Too too late!


Sunday, I slept until almost 10 and I decided maybe we shall go on the Coaster [train], but the website said it leaves at 1130, so I was thinking “Ok its 11 am ; We have time, so let’s go.” BUT, my dad didn’t agree because we wouldn’t be back until 330 pm, which was too late. Instead Cece and I went to UTC because we originally wanted to listen to the music. BUT, we were too late so I decided to ride a kids train so yeah I went on a train but not the coaster. I went 2 times, Wahoo! Then I looked in Gap and as I was sitting down to rest, I saw a kid who was dancing and singing a Rhianna song while she tried on watches. As I stood up, “Lame kid fire started in my heart reaching something something the stars are shining b aba b aba b aba bb aba we could really have it all I could have hiding rolling in the deep which make me pain your face well you paid it in the deep.” it’s Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. When I came home Cece left and when I ate, I wrote this long weekend journal.


My favorite part of my weekend was the Capital 4th best of all, because Lang Lang and the fireworks were like “everything is Awesome.” My least favorite part was not having to go to summer school the rest of my life… I mean on Friday because oh man….. no summer school, Seriously? I was so sad. Overall, my weekend was terrific. Next weekend I want to either go on a safari or to Legoland with my aide Matt or Brandon. I want to do one of these things because, besides that the fair will be over, it will be a Blast!