Weekend of June 19, 2015

My weekend was so awesome. It was filled with amazing things like going to summer school, horseback riding, seeing 2 friends, going to UTC, and having dinner with the family.

On Friday, I had summer school at LCC [La Costa Canyon HS] and Karen was my aide. It was a fun school because it reminded me of my childhood. Also on that day, the kids played Uno and it took forever.

Saturday, I went horseback riding, and then at 10:30 my friend Natalie came so I asked her “How is college, was it hard?” “It was.” Anyways, I then asked her, ”Natalie, when you go to college will you be a singer as a job?” I laughed so hard. She doesn’t want to be a singer, but we sang songs from Wicked and Frozen. Then I told dad, I needed another friend, Jaydon, so I texted him…. But he didn’t respond. I thought, Oh no, maybe he is away on vacation, and while I practiced my piano, the doorbell rang and Jaydon showed up.  So I played my Wolfgang Amadius Mozart Sonata in C k545 the 1st and second movements, but the left hand was making a big deal out of it. It was so hard. Even the second phrase the right hand was like a small pig racing and the left hand was like a big horse galloping. It almost made me throw up… anyways, then Jaydon played Cascades by Scott Joplin. After piano time I showed him my new Wii game, Endless Ocean Blue World.

Sunday, I slept in till almost 9:30 so I realized it was summer and Father’s Day. I was deciding where to go and what to do when my dad suggested… “How about going to UTC?” I am like, “What! Sure.” So Elizabeth and I went to University Town Center , aka UTC and we first walked into Macy’s where I tried some perfume and man was it good. Then, outside there was a big puppet hanging and I thought, omg big deal for puppets. So then I went into Justice and I thought oh my look at that, 7.99 ok and on the tv, they had Talyor Swift’s shake it off, shake it off. Then, we found a shady spot to read Harry Potter. When we got home my dad signed my yearbook. Then around 5 Mathew and Anne Marie came over who gave me 2 books, one was hilarious animals jokes and other was different puzzles. Grandma and uncle Robert were also there. The reason they came so early was because there was a family dinner for Father’s day.

My favorite part of the weekend was spending time with my friends and my family because it was all so fabulous. I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Next weekend I want to count down till July 4th or go to the aquarium. I want to do one of these things because it will be so great.


3 thoughts on “Weekend of June 19, 2015

  1. Tracey Flourie says:

    Sounds like another great weekend and a good Father’s Day! We all know what a wonderful dad you have.

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