My Trip to San Francisco May 28, 2015

My trip was so awesome! It was filled with wonderful things like flying to San Francisco, attending a bat mitzvah, and sight-seeing.

On Thursday grandma, Dad and I [and Grandma Rhoda!] flew to San Francisco. We got a Toyota car, but not from Carlsbad! We stayed in a house and it had a digital piano keyboard, Wii, and kids games.


On Friday we drove to San Francisco and we went to the Walt Disney family museum. I liked it so much because it told of Walt Disney’s life and one area had a model of Disneyland. Also, they had the history of old cartoons like Felix the cat, and Casper the friendly ghost.


After that we went to Pier 39 to a restaurant, then we went to the Aquarium by the Bay. There were 2 big tunnels and baby otters.


Later, we went to Jack’s house and Jeffrey played the most beautiful piano. He played a Chopin Nocturne.


Saturday was Leah’s Bat Mitzvah and the temple was up on a hill in Tiburon. It’s really pretty. The temple was circular and the bema was in the middle. I had a good time. Then, we had lunch and I saw Liliana, Jay’s daughter, she is a freshman and I had an awesome conversation with her.


After that, we went back to the temple and I saw Leah’s card and it was so cute. Around 3, we went on a scenic drive on our way to Mike’s house and again they had a piano but this time, Jeffrey played some Spanish songs and then Maria, Liliana and her friends had a sing along. They sang from The Sound of Music, Guys and Dolls, and Cabaret. I really enjoyed it but I was so tired at the end.



Sunday, it was brunch at Jack’s house and again, Jeff played a Chopin etude, and 3 Gershwin preludes.


Later we went to the airport and when we got on the plane I slept. Before I knew it, we landed in San Diego! Yahoo!

My favorite part of the weekend was listening to the beautiful piano music [thanks Jeff]!


Overall, I had the most wonderful trip ever! In fact, this morning I told Arlie I don’t like to be home. I want more vacation! Next weekend, I will go to Elizabeth’s bat mitzvah. Tonight I will have a grand jazz concert. I also want to either buy a new DS game, or go buy a flag for celebrating July 4. I want to do one of these things because it will be so exciting!


4 thoughts on “My Trip to San Francisco May 28, 2015

  1. Jeff Cohen says:

    Dear Casey, I was so happy ro finally meet you! I’d heard so much about you from your mom and dad, from my siblings, and from my mother. I’m so touched to read how happy you were to listen to the piano. It definitely inspires me to continue practicing! I’ll be thinking of you as I continue to work, to rehearse and to perform. I play in a recital this Tuesday night (with 2 opera singers) and I’ll play for YOU, I promise! Good luck on your jazz concert. Please send a recording if you make one! Hope to see you again sometime soon,
    “A bientôt”!
    Big hugs to your dad, your grandma and to YOU!!

  2. Ron Latz says:

    Dear Casey,
    You will have to add audio to your blog so that we can all be inspired by the music that Jeff played. We are so happy that you had a great trip. It was also great to see pictures of Jay and Jeff and the Cohen family, as I only saw Ellie in the past few years.
    Uncle Ron and Aunt Julie

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