Weekend of June 25, 2015

My long weekend was awesome. It was filled with amazing things like attending Anna and Guy’s wedding, going to Arlie’s house, horseback riding, the plant store, the Natural History museum, and going to Rick’s and Lisa’s house for dinner. On Thursday, after summer school, I came home and got ready to drive to this golf resort in Vista because it was Anna (like in Frozen and not Elsa) and Guy’s wedding. I went on this big bus to this ceremony in a garden and when the guests came, I was like wow!

P1020905 P1020908

So Ryan, Anna’s friend, was the leader. I want to tell you their vows, ok? Get set and action, Guy said,” I promise to not slap your butt and cook you dinner.” I was laughing so hard. Isn’t that too funny? That’s not a good vow you think? That’s gross but so funny too. Silly guy I thought. After the vows, the rings and the kiss, while I waited for the bus to go back to the hotel for the reception, I saw a weird rock with a statue on it. Omg, when we got back inside Victor was the DJ. When it started I didn’t get scared. When people tapped their spoons on the glasses that only meant one thing, Anna and Guy needed to kiss, and it took a long time before the toast OMG. So Guy made a funny speech and my dad and grandma were laughing so hard. We danced and I always requested songs to Victor like Mozart and cha cha slide but he didn’t bring it up right away. Instead, they had Taylor Swift Shake It Off, and Uptown Funk. It was fun, but I got so tired. P1020917 P1020922

Friday, I went to Arlie’s house because it was Ken’s 23rd birthday. He played Ukulele, French horn and piano. Saturday, I went horseback riding and then I saw Neshama, Jonah’s sister and she is almost 1 year old. Aww! Then I went to a garden/plant store/pet shop where they had little goats, birds, and my dad bought some plants. Also he wanted to know if they had tomato plants but they didn’t have them. So, we got home around 10:50, then I wanted to text Jaydon but my dad told me he is away, so I forgot. Sunday, I woke up at 9 and Elizabeth didn’t come because she is on a cruise boat for 2 Sundays and I miss her a lot. So Arlie and I went to the Natural History Museum and the topic for Ms. Frizzle was about dinosaurs. Then, I went on the carousel. Then at 5:30 we drove to Rick and Lisa’s house for dinner and the oven was making a lot of ridiculous noises, like a parrot. Then after dinner we saw their big fish tank and it was cool!

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My favorite part of the weekend was the wedding because we had a blast! My least favorite part was when I had some hiccups yesterday because it was not fun. Overall, my weekend was so packed with busy things, it was so jammed! Next weekend I will see A Capital Fourth on TV. I want to also see Lang Lang, he will be on it, or go to a beach to see the fireworks from a nearby corner of the fair. I want to do one of these things because it will be a fun red-white- and blue- weekend.


Weekend of June 19, 2015

My weekend was so awesome. It was filled with amazing things like going to summer school, horseback riding, seeing 2 friends, going to UTC, and having dinner with the family.

On Friday, I had summer school at LCC [La Costa Canyon HS] and Karen was my aide. It was a fun school because it reminded me of my childhood. Also on that day, the kids played Uno and it took forever.

Saturday, I went horseback riding, and then at 10:30 my friend Natalie came so I asked her “How is college, was it hard?” “It was.” Anyways, I then asked her, ”Natalie, when you go to college will you be a singer as a job?” I laughed so hard. She doesn’t want to be a singer, but we sang songs from Wicked and Frozen. Then I told dad, I needed another friend, Jaydon, so I texted him…. But he didn’t respond. I thought, Oh no, maybe he is away on vacation, and while I practiced my piano, the doorbell rang and Jaydon showed up.  So I played my Wolfgang Amadius Mozart Sonata in C k545 the 1st and second movements, but the left hand was making a big deal out of it. It was so hard. Even the second phrase the right hand was like a small pig racing and the left hand was like a big horse galloping. It almost made me throw up… anyways, then Jaydon played Cascades by Scott Joplin. After piano time I showed him my new Wii game, Endless Ocean Blue World.

Sunday, I slept in till almost 9:30 so I realized it was summer and Father’s Day. I was deciding where to go and what to do when my dad suggested… “How about going to UTC?” I am like, “What! Sure.” So Elizabeth and I went to University Town Center , aka UTC and we first walked into Macy’s where I tried some perfume and man was it good. Then, outside there was a big puppet hanging and I thought, omg big deal for puppets. So then I went into Justice and I thought oh my look at that, 7.99 ok and on the tv, they had Talyor Swift’s shake it off, shake it off. Then, we found a shady spot to read Harry Potter. When we got home my dad signed my yearbook. Then around 5 Mathew and Anne Marie came over who gave me 2 books, one was hilarious animals jokes and other was different puzzles. Grandma and uncle Robert were also there. The reason they came so early was because there was a family dinner for Father’s day.

My favorite part of the weekend was spending time with my friends and my family because it was all so fabulous. I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Next weekend I want to count down till July 4th or go to the aquarium. I want to do one of these things because it will be so great.


Graduation Weekend of June 12, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with amazing things like going to 2 graduations, horseback riding, the Making Music Museum, and the Discovery Center in Carlsbad.

On Friday, I had my graduation and I was so excited OMG, I thought, yay, graduation time!!! Yahoo!




When I got my diploma, I felt so happy. Then I went to SOUPLANTATION and Grandma and Robert gave me a new Wii game called Endless Ocean Blue World. Matthew gave me 2 new DS games.


Saturday, I went horseback riding. Then when I got home I played piano and drums. Soon, I tried my new game, Endless Ocean Blue World. OMG, I love it. Then, it was time to go to my brother Matthew’s graduation and OMG when the lady called Matthew’s name I yelled waaaaaaaaaaaa! After graduation, we went home.


On Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to the Museum of Making Music and then we drove over to the Discovery Center and OMG I loved it. It has an area with bees, a tide pool, fish and even sharks!!

My favorite part of my weekend was trying that new ocean Wii game because it was a really great game. I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was so fabulous! Next weekend I want to either go to the Safari Park or go to LEGOLAND. I want to do one of these things because it will be fantastic!


Weekend of June 5, 2015

My weekend was great! It was filled with fantastic things like going to a rehearsal concert, bnai mitzvahs of adults, and going to the zoo.

On Friday, my dad and I drove to UCSD because the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra had a practice concert with a violinist who was 19. Her name was Annelle. The [Tchaikovsky] concerto was so joyful. We stayed until 8:30 pm.


Saturday, I had horseback riding, and then I went to temple, because there was an adult bar/bat mitzvah. During lunch, I talked to Elizabeth and I asked her if she wants to go to the zoo on Sunday, and she said yes.


Then at home, around 3:40 there was a horse race on TV and American Pharoah won the Triple Crown. I was pumped up… so happy!


Sunday, when we got to the zoo we took a shuttle down to the snow leopard. Next, we saw the panda and walked up hippo trail, where the baby hippos were being cute.

The Los Angeles Zoos female Hippopotamus named Mara stands beside her newborn calf (nameless at the moment) in their compound at the zoo in Los Angeles, California on November 4, 2014.  Mara went into labor on October 31 and gave birth to the healthy calf two and a half hours later.                             AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON        (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

As we climbed up the tiger river, it was 12:00 and the chimes chimed, and played, ”Here comes the sun, ode to Joy…” After all that, we went to the carousel. Then, my dad and I saw a new strange movie called Earth to Echo.

My favorite part of the weekend was Elizabeth’s adult bat mitzvah, because I liked it when Tom played the piano. My least favorite was the strange movie, because it was so weird. Overall, my weekend was all right! Next weekend I want to either go to a hike near Mission Bay or go on a hike near Del Mar fairgrounds. I want to do one of these things because it will be an awesome summer to remember!!!!


My Trip to San Francisco May 28, 2015

My trip was so awesome! It was filled with wonderful things like flying to San Francisco, attending a bat mitzvah, and sight-seeing.

On Thursday grandma, Dad and I [and Grandma Rhoda!] flew to San Francisco. We got a Toyota car, but not from Carlsbad! We stayed in a house and it had a digital piano keyboard, Wii, and kids games.


On Friday we drove to San Francisco and we went to the Walt Disney family museum. I liked it so much because it told of Walt Disney’s life and one area had a model of Disneyland. Also, they had the history of old cartoons like Felix the cat, and Casper the friendly ghost.


After that we went to Pier 39 to a restaurant, then we went to the Aquarium by the Bay. There were 2 big tunnels and baby otters.


Later, we went to Jack’s house and Jeffrey played the most beautiful piano. He played a Chopin Nocturne.


Saturday was Leah’s Bat Mitzvah and the temple was up on a hill in Tiburon. It’s really pretty. The temple was circular and the bema was in the middle. I had a good time. Then, we had lunch and I saw Liliana, Jay’s daughter, she is a freshman and I had an awesome conversation with her.


After that, we went back to the temple and I saw Leah’s card and it was so cute. Around 3, we went on a scenic drive on our way to Mike’s house and again they had a piano but this time, Jeffrey played some Spanish songs and then Maria, Liliana and her friends had a sing along. They sang from The Sound of Music, Guys and Dolls, and Cabaret. I really enjoyed it but I was so tired at the end.



Sunday, it was brunch at Jack’s house and again, Jeff played a Chopin etude, and 3 Gershwin preludes.


Later we went to the airport and when we got on the plane I slept. Before I knew it, we landed in San Diego! Yahoo!

My favorite part of the weekend was listening to the beautiful piano music [thanks Jeff]!


Overall, I had the most wonderful trip ever! In fact, this morning I told Arlie I don’t like to be home. I want more vacation! Next weekend, I will go to Elizabeth’s bat mitzvah. Tonight I will have a grand jazz concert. I also want to either buy a new DS game, or go buy a flag for celebrating July 4. I want to do one of these things because it will be so exciting!