Weekend of May 15, 2015

My weekend was great! It was filled with many busy things, like having another barn lesson, playing a Horseopoly board game, my last baseball game for the season, going to the aquarium with Arlie and Sheana, and going to Boomers.

On Friday, I went home and rested because it rained intermittently and was dreary out. Some people think it is not ideal, but I love the rain!!

Saturday, I had another barn lesson. I practiced my two point again on a rocking nag named Boss. Boss? Hey boss? Huh? That’s right Boss was my fake horse. I genuinely enjoyed it.


Then when I went to baseball, I experienced some adversity. I was in the batter box and I was thinking, “Time to hit, right?” But, I was wrong, I thought I hit first when really we were out in the field. Then it was time to go up to bat and my buddy said, it’s my last time for the season. Guess what I then did. I was crying too hard even though I tried to conceal it. It was my last time up to bat. Please….no no… I was miserable because it’s my last game of the season. I felt haggard. My dad came over. He said, “Listen to me. When you hit, (I felt happy again) give it all you got.” I was like, so? “So you can get a home run.” I thought, wow. I can do it. I then thought, I don’t like it that’s ok I can do it anyway. I then swung and it was not subtle. I felt much better! I hurried ardently and got to second base. When the game was over, I got a trophy but I was still a little sad that the season is over until the fall. Later, my dad and I played a meticulous game of Horseopoly, a verson of Monopoly and I felt better.


Sunday, I looked outside and it was pristine. Arlie takes copious care of me and she and Sheana came to my house. They were both amiable. Arlie showed her how to do morning care and then we drove to the aquarium. It is not feasible for Sheana to come every Sunday, so she will come every other Sunday. After the aquarium, my dad and I went to Boomers. Jaydon was there also. People were dressed up because there was a golf tournament. I stayed late. It ended at 4. But I decided to stay and watch people play. I had so much fun!




My favorite part of the weekend was Boomers, because I went on so many rides. My least favorite part was being sad for baseball. Overall, my weekend was good. Next weekend, because this Thursday is the grand opening of Lego friends at LEGOLAND, I want to either go to LEGOLAND or go to a mall. I want to do one of these things because it will be new and exciting! I also will go to the prom in Point Loma.


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