My Profile May 13, 2015

Joan and newborn Casey 1995

I was small when I was born. I have a bunny doll, and it has the outfit I wore. I was a really cute baby. I couldn’t eat or swallow because my muscles were weak. The doctors installed a G tube. It was also hard for me to get around because my arms and leg muscles are weak. I cried a lot. I wasn’t able to talk, but my mom and dad taught me sign language. My mom was a violinist, and my dad was a great clarinetist and saxophone player. I would hit the piano with one finger, but I could not even make a sound. I kept trying and began to make sounds on the piano, and it felt happy. When I started school, I was scared, and I told my mom. She told me it was ok because starting school is scary. I went to Carmel Del Mar, and there was homework. I had aides to help me. The kids and teachers were nice. I saw a boy I liked. I took piano lessons. I had a golden retriever named Charlie, and I loved him. I always liked Disneyland. I had a lot of activities. For example, I was in a play, our school had a fun music class, and we learned to sing and dance in a play called “Stone Soup”, which was about the gold rush and America. I learned to play bells in the band. I took horseback riding lessons, and dancing lessons.


5 thoughts on “My Profile May 13, 2015

  1. Natalie Fry says:

    Casey you were an adorable baby!!!! Of course, you’re still super cute now 🙂 Love you and miss you!!

  2. Alison says:

    I remember getting your birth announcement in the mail! We were all so excited to meet you. You have always been beautiful, caring, courageous and talented! Great story and photo choice this week!
    Your cousin Alison

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