Weekend of May 8, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic. It was filled with fun things like going to OT, having a barn lesson, playing some baseball, going to the aquarium, and [seeing] the play West Side Story.

On Friday I went to OT. There was a new therapist and I loved her, because I could talk to her on my iPad and she listened to me. Next time when I see her I will sign Roar, by Katy Perry.

On Saturday it was too muddy to ride outside, so I went to the barn and I had to practice my two point. A two point is when the rider stands up in the saddle. I practiced on an artificial horse named Boss.


Then, Gretchen, my teacher, taught me about some of the different foods that horses likes to eat.


I got to feed Mark and Noodles some hay. In the afternoon I had baseball.

P1020733 - Version 2

[1st pitch hit!]

What was weird was they played our national anthem before our game started. Usually, they don’t play it at all. They played it during the opening ceremony wow! Weird isn’t it? Later, I met my new nurse Sheana who was very amiable.


On Sunday I went to the aquarium. After that, I got ready and my dad and I went to JCC to see West Side Story. The main actor, Toni, sang like an opera singer. The play is about 2 gangs, the Sharks and the Jets. The people on the Sharks are Puerto Rican and the Jets are Italian. Toni is ardently trying to meet Maria and he sang “Maria, I just met a girl named Maria, and suddenly that name would never be the same to me.” The gang members sometimes looked haggard and Maria looked pristine. Their costumes were meticulous. Maria and Toni concealed their love, because everyone would nag them if they knew. Intermittently, there were copious fighting scenes and it was a bit dreary. There was some adversity when Toni died at the end and I didn’t think it was ideal. I genuinely enjoyed the play.


[with ‘Action’, aka Julia Price]

My favorite part was the play because the music was so pretty. My least favorite part was also the play because it ended sad. It was not feasible for me to go to the beach last weekend like I wanted to. Next weekend I want to either go to the Torrey Pines beach or go to Del Mar beach to hang out. I want to do one of these things because it will be nice!!


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